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Due Diligence & Screening

When organisations are exploring investments, mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and other business partnerships, thorough due diligence and screening is essential to ensure successful transactions, and to protect reputations.

New Laws and Practices

Regulatory requirements such as Anti Money Laundering, Know Your Customer, UK Bribery Act and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act require organisations to know their commercial partners, and to be sensitive to possible conflicts of interest, fraud, corruption, money laundering and terrorism financing.

Organisations need to know:

  • Who are the parties with whom they will be doing business?
  • What is their background, their reputation, and the reputation of their business partners?
  • What are their business interests? Do they have any undeclared hidden interests?
  • What are their commercial track records?
  • Who are their allies, their competitors and their enemies?
  • Can they be relied upon to behave ethically?

Levels of Investigation

Our due diligence and screening services provide our clients with the information and intelligence they require.

Various levels of due diligence are available, from the analysis of publicly available information, to the research of in-depth public records, to enquiries within our extensive and reliable network.

We assist our clients with an initial assessment of their project to decide the most suitable level of due diligence.

Our Due Diligence and Screening Services

Our due diligence and screening services include:

  • Researching the background, reputations, business interests, commercial partners, commercial track records, regulatory compliance and ethics of prospective business partners;
  • Confirming the true nature of corporate ownership and control of prospective business partners;
  • Confirming or refuting allegations and rumours of questionable business practices and hidden interests;
  • Identifying any undisclosed liabilities or questionable financial reporting;
  • Researching unexplained vehicles associated with the potential investment, merger, acquisition, or joint venture;
  • Clarifying the nature of relationships between target companies and their various allies, including relationships with politically and financially exposed individuals;
  • Providing an overview for doing the deal, detailing market conditions, and determining spheres of political interest and influence within the industry

Qualities and Clients

We are professional, thorough and discreet, and provide our clients with the level of due diligence which best suits their requirements and their budget.

We believe that our due diligence and screening services are particularly well-suited for international financial institutions, multinational corporations, law firms, private equity firms, hedge funds and SMEs.