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Oligarch Watch

Our Oligarch Watch services quickly provide our clients with various levels of in-depth intelligence on politicians, oligarchs and high net worth individuals.

Why Oligarch Watch?

When organisations are exploring investments, mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and other business partnerships, an in-depth knowledge of who they are dealing with is essential to ensure successful transactions, and to protect reputations.

Regulatory requirements such as Anti Money Laundering, Know Your Customer, UK Bribery Act and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act require organisations to know their commercial partners, and to be sensitive to possible conflicts of interest, fraud, corruption, money laundering and terrorism financing.

Our Oligarch Watch services provide organisations with the required detailed profiles of their potential business partners.

Our Oligarch Watch Services

Our Oligarch Watch services quickly provide our clients with various levels of intelligence, typically covering the following:

  • Biography, career path, reputation;
  • Structure of business, linked companies and description of main assets;
  • Allies and business partners;
  • Competitors and enemies;
  • Recent corporate conflicts;
  • Integrity check;
  • Latest and continuing developments 24/7.

Our services enable our clients are able to continue to monitor 24/7 all aspects of their target individuals, their companies and their business partners.

Additional Features

Additional available features of our Oligarch Watch services include:

  • Oligarch Red Alert Memo
    A memo featuring background information on recent oligarch developments. This includes areas such as arrests, international warrants, bankruptcies, and major M&A transactions.
  • Oligarch Company Profiles
    This includes:
    • History of company;
    • Brief description and basic financials;
    • Analysis of shareholders;
    • Analysis of company network (which oligarch groups and related firms are “friendly” and which are “hostile”);
    • Recent developments.

For more information on our Oligarch Watch services please contact us.