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Company Profile

Many organisations choose Templeton Thorp to provide them with all types of news, intelligence, information and analysis.

We are unique in that we are an independent organisation which bridges two areas: we are both a provider of high quality news and information services, and a specialist risk consultancy.

Why Templeton Thorp?

Many of Templeton Thorp’s clients work in markets and sectors which are challenging and ever-changing, and where different types of timely and reliable in-depth information and intelligence are required.

As an organisation with a wide range of skills, an international multilingual team, and an efficient and reliable network, we are able to meet our clients’ requirements.

Multinational corporations, international financial institutions, law firms and foreign governments come to Templeton Thorp because we have a proven track record of providing them with the necessary impartial and unbiased intelligence and information. This keeps our clients ahead of the competition, and helps them to both maximise opportunity and to manage risk.

Our Clients

Templeton Thorp's clients include prestigious multinational corporations, international financial institutions, law firms, SMEs, sovereign governments, government departments, government agencies, high net-worth individuals and academic institutions.

Our Team

Templeton Thorp's team consists of seasoned professionals from various sectors and industries:

  • Investment Banking
  • Investigative Journalism
  • International Relations
  • Financial Information and Monitoring
  • Computer Forensics
  • Information Security
  • Law Enforcement