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Vladimir Zelezny set to take control of TV Nova

Vladimir Zelezny, Ex-TV Nova chief executive and senator is close to a take-over of TV Nova, several dailies reported on 30-Jan-04, citing his statements at a press conference on 29-Jan-04.

A court surprisingly ruled to return a 60% share in CET 21, which holds TV Nova's broadcasting licence now controlled by Czech investment group PPF, to Zelezny in Dec-04. "I am many miles nearer the ownership of CET 21 than the other side," Lidove Noviny quotes Zelezny as saying.

Zelezny said he had had a pre-emptive right to 60% in TV Nova's servicing company Ceska produkcni 2000 since 1999. He exercised the right in summer 2003 and is in talks with PPF on its cancellation or sale.

TV Nova's reporting team was not allowed to take part in the press conference; nor was that of the Blesk tabloid. "Zelezny simply threw us out," daily Mlada Fronta Dnes quotes a Nova manager as saying.

(NewsBase 02.ii.04)

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