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Volkswagen & FIAT to export 250,000 vehicles from Poland next year

Volkswagen and FIAT will export 250,000 vehicles from production facilities in Poland next year, Parkiet reported on Friday, October 17. "We already have orders for 80,000 Pandas, which is a month ahead of schedule," FIAT Polska's director Gianni Coda said. In 2004, the company will produce about 200,000 Panda cars, of which 80 percent will be exported.

In the meantime, Production of Volkswagen's new Caddy van will begin in November, with sales due to begin in spring 2004. "We plan to assembly 90,000 Caddy vans in 2004," VW Poznan spokeswoman Anna Lechowicz said. About 74,000 of these will be sold abroad, of which 10,000 will be sold on east European markets of Eastern Europe. Neither model will be built outside Poland.

(NewsBase 20.x.03)

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