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Britain in top spot on Polish FDI list for 2002

Large investments by retail giant Tesco, telecom firm Energis and global drug giant GlaxoSmithkline, as well as many smaller investments, put Britain in the top spot on the Polish list of foreign direct investment in 2002, according to the Polish Agency for Foreign Investments PAIZ.

Of the total $6.1 billion invested, British firms accounted for $1.4 billion. Tesco topped the country breakdown with $320 million, Energis was second with $150 million and GSK came in third with $139.5 million.

The Netherlands was the second-biggest country source of FDI to Poland, with Dutch companies investing $1.1 billion in 2002, with real estate firm Rodamco leading with a $240-million investment.

(NewsBase 18.iv.03)

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