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RS government removes all RS Elektroprivreda board members

Following the enormous corruption scandal surrounding RS Elektroprivreda power utility these days, the RS government decided yesterday to remove all RS Elektroprivreda Executive Board members and to open a procedure of nominating new members as soon as possible. The drastic measure followed the request of the international community's High Representative Paddy Ashdown after an international audit found out embezzlements of over EUR 80mn in RS Elektroprivreda. On Wednesday Ashdown dismissed the RS Elektroprivreda director Svetozar Acimovic and the Executive Board senior member Bosko Lemez and demanded that the cabinet further tackle the issue. The RS Prime Minister Dragan Mikerevic said yesterday that the interim director would be nominated within the next 24 hours. Also, all activities in RS Elektroprivreda related to tenders, purchase of equipment and building of new facilities have been suspended. The RS Ministries of Interior and Finance, the RS Tax Administration, the RS Customs Administration and the Sector for fighting money laundering have been tasked to scrutinise the OHR audit report, form joint teams for investigation and submit reports on their findings within seven days.

(Internet Securities 28.ii.03)

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