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BBI sells AMS shares and looks for new investments

Poznan-based BB Investment (BBI), a venture capital fund, announced plans to enter new projects. Over the previous months the company managed to recover its funds invested in the outdoor advertiser, AMS. Media giant, Agora, has agreed to buy almost 40% of BBI’s shares in AMS for z³. 165.5 million. The fund has also withdrawn some of its capital from Emax, a computer system integrator.

The company, a part of BBI portfolio, recently debuted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, where it is valued at around z³. 115 million. By the end of November this year, BB Investment decided to sell a stake of around 25% of Emax. Currently the fund is considering other projects, but they declined to elaborate in any detail, restricting their comments to, “I can confirm that we are preparing for new undertakings. We are considering companies from the IT sector as well as alternate sources of energy,” said Pawe³ Turno, the head of BB Investment.

(WBJ 06.xii.02)

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