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Polish retail networks aim to become regional giants

Polish chain stores are beginning to enter foreign markets more decisively. Sphinx, the biggest restaurant chain in Poland after Pizza Hut, McDonalds and KFC wants to open its restaurants in Hungary and the Czech Republic.

Spinx is no exception. More And more Polish companies are entering foreign markets as expansion on the home market is becoming very difficult. For example, Empik Media and Fashion bought 27 Bukva bookstores in Ukraine. The company also wants to open its Smyk stores there.

Also clothes companies are trying to conquer eastern markets. Artman, a company that owns House stores is opening outlets in Slovakia, Austria and plans to enter Rumania and Bulgaria. Other Polish clothes companies that have already achieved success abroad includes Tatuum.

One of the reasons for expansion is that the profits margins are much higher in the east than in Poland. For example, in Russia they amount even to 70-80% whereas in Poland they are about 56%.

(WBJ 08.i.07)

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