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Beginning of 2006 sees no companies launching on Warsaw Stock Exchange

In spite of the economic boom and huge demand for shares, no companies have been launched on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (GPW) so far this year.

The first firm to enter the GPW in 2006 will probably be Italian food importer North Coast with 15 million shares to buy. Experts estimate that about 20 small and mid-market companies will launch in the next 6 months and the value of this year's issues will amount to zł.1.5-2 billion.

�ukasz Dajnowicz, the spokesman the Securities and Exchange Commission (KPWiG), pointed to the importance of preparing emission prospectuses properly as the amendments may cause significant delays. According to Dajnowicz, many companies still find it problematic, even though the legal regulations introduced in October 2004 have facilitated the application procedure.

(WBJ 06.iii.06)

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