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Former PO deputy leader Zyta Gilowska becomes new Finance Minister

Zyta Gilowska, former deputy leader of the Civic Platform (PO), has been appointed as the new Finance Minister, and the Deputy Prime Minister for the supervision of economy ministries.

The replacement of Teresa Lubińska with Gilowska took place with unusually fast speed. Back on Friday Lubińska did not even say a word about her dismissal. According to unofficial sources, she was informed about the Prime Minister's decision on Friday evening. Zyta Gilowska announced that her main task will be combating unemployment. "This is our largest social tragedy," she said after the appointment. She also withdrew from the idea of introducing a linear tax, stating that Poland is not yet prepared for this step. Roman Giertych, leader of the Polish Families' League (LPR), said his party will now reconsider their support for the state budget plan, to be voted in Sejm soon. "I think this was a fatal mistake, which will cost both PM Kazimierz Marcinkiewicz and PiS a lot," he commented.

(WBJ 09.i.06)

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