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Due Diligence in Russia
Background checks in Russia
Sheet music for schools in Australia
Bush, EU Leaders Propose World Summits On Financial Crisis
Reserves Fall $32.2Bln in 2 Weeks
Ukraine Faces the Crisis Alone
Aliyev Wins Nearly 90% of Vote
Renaissance Group Cuts 100 Staff
Tbilisi Closes Embassy, Toughens Visa Regime
Ingushetiya.ru Owner Shot Dead
EU Blinks As Russia Holds Its Gaze
As Conflict Ends, Markets on Road to Recovery
OMV, RWE say plan for Nabucco not hurt by Georgia
Russia and the West Are a World Apart
BP to Sue AAR in London
Serbia To Vote In New Pro-Western Government
New Bill Targeting Graft at Customs
Lukashenka Pledges No Clampdown On Opposition After Blast
Supply Side Focus for Medvedev Trip
Croatia, Hungary PM’s support INA/MOL oil share swap
Polish insurer PZU to spend €3 bln to expand
EU Takes 'Leap of Faith' in Medvedev
Sberbank Gives Investors Conservative Reward
Georgia Reverses Decision To Cut Defense Spending
Foreign Investors Eagerly Eye Chance to Buy Into Farmland
Khodorkovsky Told To Seek Early Release
Yavlinsky Resigns as Yabloko Leader.
Trade and transit coop increasing between Uzbekistan and Iran
Sechin Sees Resolution With TNK-BP.
Tehran, Moscow close to deal to build airliners in Iran
Serzh Sarkisian: Armenia Shall Overcome
Developer Bets Prokhorov $10M He Will Fail.
TNK-BP Dispute Headed To Court.
Austrian gov’t, OMV joining South Stream project, undercut Nabucco
MegaFon IPO Backed By Fridman.
Age-Old Water Problem Brings Tensions To A Boil
Russia tells Ukraine: stop Black Sea oil drilling
Constitution Born Amid Fears Of Turmoil
Gazprom Wants to Build Pipeline From Alaska
Turkey blocks NATO effort in Kosovo
Medvedev Blames U.S. For Economic Crisis, Offers Moscow's Help
Saakashvili Opens Parliament Early
Growth Seen Slowing to 3%
Prokhorov To Consider 3-Way Deal On Metals.
Markets Rise as Cabinet Settles In
Spy Charges Fuel Georgian Tensions
Sechin Points to Efficiency At Rosneft
Family Feud Festers Further
Opposition Assembly Takes On State
Ukraine admitted to WTO
Projection of Serb vote shows no obvious majority
Putin Program Calls for Tax Cuts
Trouble in the pipeline
Gazprom Tops China Mobile, GE
Softer Speech Before a Tougher Parade
Gambling Billionaire Seeks $1.5Bln
Georgian Minister, Seeking EU Support, Warns War With Russia 'Very Close'
A good bet for business
Rebranding Gazprom
Auto companies driving toward Europe through Turkey
Putin May Have 11 Deputies
PM & President clash over economy
Japan Sees Hope in Island Dispute
Tensions Rise Sharply Over Abkhazia
Determined Deripaska Casts a Long Shadow
V4 defense ministers support Ukraine’s NATO bid
Chechnya: Is Kadyrov Maintaining Hold On Power?
Latvia c.bank chief expects inflation to slow
Foreign Oil Firms See Hope In Salym
Turkey to play key role in Balkans if accepted to EU
Deciphering Putin's New Role as Leader
Coup Plots And Corruption Alleged As Former Presidential Son-In-Law Battles Authorities
Paper Closes After Putin Marriage Story
Putin Orders Friendlier Georgia Policy
UN Head Looks to Moscow for Funds
Ukraine Parliament Ratifies WTO Deal
Gazprom May End Year as No. 2 Earner
Baku hesitates on Nabucco pipeline project
2 Regions Claim $170Bln From Total
CIS Countries Among Hardest-Hit In Global Financial Crisis
Good and Bad NATO News for Putin
Montenegrin incumbent president declares re-election victory
Friendly Words, But Bush And Putin Fail To Resolve Disputes
EU urges Kosovo to move ahead with power project
BP Chief Hayward Meets Gazprom, Rosneft Heads
Berezovsky Blamed in Politkovskaya Murder
Security and a NATO Deal for Putin
Tymoshenko Touts Economic Gains
FM: Serbia remains committed to EU path, not at price of Kosovo
Tesco Said to Be Planning Stores
The Economist: Hungary in chaos
Azerbaijan: Olympic Dreams Fuel Construction Boom, But Public Loses
Foreign Staff Cut by 148 at TNK-BP
Belarus to help Venezuela build anti-aircraft defense system
Latvia Police Say Blood Is Rozhetskin's
Behind The Hype, Russia And China Vie For Region's Energy Resources
Moscow Eases Sanctions On Georgia, But Rattles Sabers Over NATO
Russia, Egypt sign nuclear power agreement
Rice and Gates on Mission to Soothe
Moscow Promises Tough Gas Talks
Rosatom Set for Big Expansion
Nabucco crisis pits Turkey against the EU and Azerbaijan
Evraz Bets Big on North America
MOL agrees to examine regional national gas networks
Kremlin Enters Uncharted Waters
Telecoms to Be Included as a Strategic Sector
Government officially falls Monday, elections in May
Putin warns West: Medvedev is no softer
Record 87 Russians on Forbes Rich List
Crisis Spotlights 'Karabakh Clan'
Early Results Give Medvedev 68.5%
Nabucco gas project facing a cascade of defections
Complaints of Fraud, Bribery and Pressure
Gazprom set to reduce gas supplies to Ukraine
Renault Signs $1Bln AvtoVAZ Deal
Eight Killed After Clashes Between Police, Protesters
A Result That Might Embarrass Medvedev
Armenian Protests Continue Amid Arrests And Resignations
Gazprom, Partners Sign Shtokman Pact
Russia's Medvedev to visit Serbia, Hungary
Lufthansa Accounts Frozen in Tax Spat
Former FSB Informant Applies for U.K. Asylum
Kosovo officially declares independence from Serbia
Medvedev Lays Out Economic Program
Kosovo: Province Prepares For Statehood, Of A Sort
Rosneft Planning Gas-Fired Plants
Pristina Sends Moscow Back to UN
Concern at rush to privatize in Kyrgyzstan
Speech Suggests Best Is Yet to Come
Kiev, Gazprom Race to End Debt Dispute
Putin Sees Lower Taxes, Fewer Bribes
Baku-Ashgabat thaw could have energy impact
Ivanov Uses Conciliatory Tone At Munich Conference
Romania seeing real estate boom
Poland Agrees to Host U.S. Shield
Central Bank Moves to Combat Inflation
Pro-EU candidate wins Serbian elections
Ukraine Seeks to Simplify Gas Trade
Prosecutors Ask Britain to Turn Over 5 Suspects
Region's Economies Fail To Seize Golden Opportunity
NIS and South Stream Deals Sealed
Good WTO News for Yushchenko
Signature Woes End Kasyanov's Bid
Ukraine’s debt talks with RosUkrEnergo fails
Russneft Told to Pay $8.1Bln in Back Taxes
Rights Activists Decry Signs Of Western Rapprochement
South Stream Signed After Night Out
British Council Offered an Out
Serbs Vote In Pivotal Election
Russia delivers fourth fuel shipment to Iran nuclear plant
Some 77% Georgians vote to join NATO
Russia’s UES commissions 1st unit of power plant in Tajikistan
Duma Kicks Off With Flurry of Bills
With New Political Landscape, Can Stability Prevail?
Ukrainians Rush to Get Back Savings
With the Bosses Away, Investors Still Play
Kostunica urges EU to stay out of Kosovo
Energy Shortages, Extreme Cold Create Crisis Situation
Saakashvili heads for victory in early presidential race
Russia’s Gazprom mutes mega gas deal with Nigeria
Severe delays and rising costs hamper Baltic Sea gas pipeline
A Victory For Voters As Georgians 'Take Matters Into Their Own Hands'
Uzbekistan approves $221.5 mln Russian-Uzbek LNG JV
Kyrgyzstan: New Prime Minister Makes Economy A Priority
Oil Fund Manager Warns on Spending
Tymoshenko Gets Second Shot At Premiership
Moscow to Discuss U.S. Missile Shield With Warsaw
New pipeline projects to boost Europe’s energy security
Russia’s new ‘State Oligarchy’
Gazprom, BASF Start Tomsk Gas Field
Turnout Up as United Russia Takes 63%
Kazakhstan To Assume OSCE Chairmanship In 2010
Observers, Voters See Violations
Iran, Hungary for stronger ties
Investors Hoping for Clarity After Election
Expert Says Kosovo Has 'Clear Idea Where It Wants To Go'
Election Insider Outlines Fraud
Patarkatsishvili Files for Presidential Run
Putin Says U.S. Pressured OSCE
Field Narrowed Ahead Of Campaigning For National Elections
Chemezov to Head Technologies Corp.
Poland’s largest company branches out to Lithuania
Russian Banking Prime Minister Kasyanov announces new stage of privatisation for banking sector
Kyiv Investigation FBI denied access to Gongadze Evidence
Russian WTO Accession Official: Russia faces 5 year delay on WTO Membership
Russia Gazprom: No Shortlist for Shtokman
Croatia Croatian Leader rejects Serbian charges
Azerbaijan Baku Implicates Armenian Intelligence In Alleged Coup Bid
Russia German Bank to Buy Rest of UFG
Kazakhstan Kazakhstan to join Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Pipeline in October
Poland Gudzowaty rejects Russia "demands" towards EuRoPol
Russia Mini-Sub Crew Rescued After 3 Days
Uzbekistan Norway-based Reporter Detained in Uzbekistan
Russia Chechnya: Umarov's Sister Is Abducted
Belarus Swedish Diplomat to Head OSCE Office in Belarus
Flood Threat to Hungary Cabinet emergency session held to co-ordinate flood defence
Ukraine Investigators in Kiev Visit Naftogaz Office
Poland LOT announces it will buy new long and short-haul fleet in letter to Airbus
Russia Sistema Buys Into Bashkir Energy
Kyrgyzstan Experts Think Country Faces Democracy Test
Russia Morgan Stanley Beefs Up Russia Office
Kazakhstan Court Calls For Early Presidential Vote
Poland Wrocław looks set to win LG’s EUR 1 billion investment
Belarus German Broadcaster Makes Waves With Russian-Language Plans
Russia Irksome Firm Nearly Ejected From Air Show
Russia Kasyanov's Firm Faces a Tax Audit
Gazprom Formula Minardi partnership agreement with Gazprom could give Formula One its first Russian driver
Serbia Government Crisis Suggests Early Elections
Belarus Russian ruble will not be introduced in Belarus on January 1, 2006 -- official
Kazakhstan Implications For President Appear To Be Waning As Bribery Case Drags On
Poland Bumar launches bid for ammunition plant as part of Lockheed offset deal
Russia Putin, Berlusconi Talk Gas in Sochi
Albania Democrats officially declared winners in Albanian election
Russia Mothers Win Pledge but No Apology
Azerbaijan From Showmanship To Brinkmanship
Ukraine Gazprom steers clear of Ukraine
Poland Election News in Brief: PO's dirty trick; LPR runaways; Self Defense and China
Polish Banking Wave of redundancies hit banks with more to follow
Russia Key Yukos Witness Found in Hospital
Uzbekistan Andijon And The 'Information War'
Russia Russian Copycat Dons H&M Mantle
Serbia-Montenegro What's Behind The 'Robbery Of The Century'?
Ukraine Yushchenko, Tymoshenko Lash Out
Poland Giant LG Philips contract is just one of a number of major deals in offing
Russia Pundits Warn of Oligarch Conspiracy
Russia Gazprom Seeking $12Bln for Sibneft
Western Balkans Is There Life Outside The EU?
Ukraine Kiev Fails to Shake Off Berezovsky
St. Petersburg Main waterway to Europe blocked by sunken vessel
Poland LOT IPO
Lithuania Lithuania Refuses to Hand Over Pilot
Russia Gazprom Unveils Shtokman Shortlist
Kyrgyzstan Lawmaker Murdered In Apparent Mafia-Related Shooting
Ukraine Conditions for Ukraine's WTO membership unfavorable -- minister
Serbia and Montenegro Supremely Buyable?
Lithuania Tensions Simmer in Su-27 Crash
Uzbekistan Military Exercises With Russia Timely For Tashkent
Russia Canadian Defense Lawyer Expelled
Uzbekistan Andijon Cover-Up Provokes EU Sanctions
Czech Flood Damage Thousands still unable to return home after floods
Croatia EU Shelves Talks on Croatian Admission
Russia Swiss to Extradite Adamov to U.S.
Ukraine New Ukrainian Prime Minister Explores Relations With Moscow
Poland Stocks report: Bulls reign in Warsaw
Russia Russia and EU Aim to Clinch Deal on Visas
Uzbekistan Court Hears of Drugs in Andijan Uprising
Bosnia and Herzegovina Finally On The Path To The EU?
Russia The Danger of Porous Borders
Poland Presidential election - Tusk 38.7%, Kaczynski 32.2%
Kazakhstan Kazakhs Praised for Degrading Nuclear Fuel
Ukraine Death Squads Did a Death Squad kill journalist Gongadze in Sept 2000?
Russia Gaidamak Takes Over Moskovskiye Novosti
Moldova Moldovan Parliament Strips Three Opposition Deputies of Immunity
Russia Yukos Debt to be Paid by Further Assets Sales
Poland UOKiK clears GTS Polska's takeover of Energis
Kazakhstan Shareholders to decide on PetroKazakhstan acquisition deal -- paper
Ukraine Ukrainian Prosecutor-General Fired
Russia Putin Praises 'Ruthless' Operation
Survey Chechnya Hits Press Freedom
Russia GM to Open Russian R&D Center
Ukraine Ukraine's Largest Steel Mill To Be Auctioned Today
Hungarian Banking PSzÁF orders independent audit of MFB
Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyz government criticizes attempts to destabilize the republic
Poland Exit polls point to surprising victory for Lech Kaczyński
Russia Renaissance Capital Top Bank Executive in Fraud Probe
Azerbaijan Political Shock Waves Continue
Russia Study Charts Mid-Term Future
Kyrgyzstan Restive Days in Bishkek
Russia CNPC Seeking Revenge Against LUKoil
Poland Bank Handlowy set for fantastic results higher than last year's zl.420 million
Russia Starikov, a Leading Liberal, Is Beaten
Eastern Europe EU, Rights Groups To Investigate Reports Of Secret CIA Prisons
Russian Economic Development & Trade Ministry 2002 forecast for industry, GDP raised to 3.9%, industrial raised output to 4.4 %
Georgia Bendukidze Ditches 42% Stake in OMZ
Ukraine Kyiv, Moscow Vie For WTO Entry
Poland Gazprom to Review Gas Prices to Poland
Azerbaijan Azerbaijani Vote Set To Trigger Protests
Russia New Office to Support Russians Abroad
Azerbaijan - Russia Blind Support for Aliyev a Risky Game
Russia What Lies Behind Ruslan Nakhushev's Disappearance?
Azerbaijan Azerbaijani Opposition Ends Demonstration
Ukraine Vimpel Makes Move in Ukraine
Russia Khodorkovsky Sets Out Vision for 2020
Polish Local Elections Prime Minister announces that local elections will be held on 27 October
Poland PiS manages to win confidence vote with the support of minority parties
Georgia Annan Pledges Help With Georgia's Separatist Issues
Poland Bankrupt metal company Centrozap pushes Treasury to convert debt for shares
Ukraine Ukrainian Court Disavows Yushchenko's Decision To Dismiss Chief Prosecutor
Kazakhstan Kazakhs Fume Over Lithuanian Oil Deal
B&H, S&M, Croatia World Marks 10th Anniversary Of Dayton Accords
Russia Bush Backs Putin's Iran Uranium Plan
Russia Ren-TV Yanks Olga Romanova Off the Air
Kazakhstan Kazakh Protests Warning
Armenia Early Results Show Massive Support For Armenian Referendum
Missing IMF Money Audit Chamber Head asks about location of IMF money
Russian Banking Western Consortium loans Uralsib $33M
Belarus Tougher Belarus Penalties
Poland Poland set to lose EUR6 billion in EU structural funds after UK proposal
Russia Abramov to Resign as Evraz Feels Pinch
Russia New Front Opens in Yukos War
Belarus Security Bill To Criminalize Range Of Political Activities
Poland Early elections look likely as SelfDefence set year end as coalition deadline
Former Yugoslavia The Uncertain Journey Ahead
Russia Moscow Inks Arms Deal With Tehran
Kazakhstan Exit Polls Give Nazarbayev Victory
Russia Lisin Adds $609M to His Metals Fortune
Czech Flood Damage Estimated damage to transport infrastructure tops 7 billion crowns
Ukraine Kyiv Official Hopeful On Russia-Ukraine Gas Talks
Belarus Polish PM's Adviser Refused Entry To Belarus
Poland Polish Shipyards Corporation recommends bank in $100 million bond issue
Moldova/Romania Voronin, Basescu Want Greater Progress On Transdniester
Russia Schroder to Head New Gas Pipeline
Russia Steelmaker MMK to List on 2 Exchanges
Georgia Tbilisi, Kyiv Seek Energy Alliance With West
Hungary M�V to receive Ft 58 bln loan
Ukraine Price War Threatens Ukraine's Economy
Azerbaijan Azerbaijani Opposition Stages Unsactioned March In Baku
Reporters Without Borders RSF questions death of Kazakh opposition journalist's daughter
Russia Putin Drops Hint on New Rosneft Chairman
Turkmenistan Turkmenistan: Russian-Ukrainian Gas Crisis Tests Ashgabat
Russia / Ukraine Russia, Ukraine Reach Deal On Gas Supplies
Russia Swiss to Extradite Adamov to Russia
Hungary Ecofin unlikely to halt funds to Hungary
Russia Yabloko Leader Says Kremlin Using Gas Dispute To Build Popular Support
Poland Former PO deputy leader Zyta Gilowska becomes new Finance Minister
Belarus Presidential Candidate Says Opposition Has Little Chance
Russia/Ukraine Questions Raised About Gas Deal Intermediary
Moldova Chisinau Hopes 'Five Plus Two' Will Add Up to One Unitary State
Hungary Mécs lists gov't members with state security past
Russia Gazprom Joins World's Top 10 by Market Value
Hungary Magyar Telekom takes $229 mln loan
Uzbekistan Human-Rights Activist Reportedly Sentenced In Secret Trial
Poland EU budget agreement meets with resistance in European Parliament
Russia Merkel Likely to Be Cooler to Putin
Poland Political uncertainty continues as meeting between PiS and PO fails to take place
Russia Gazprom Signs Deal for More Uzbek Gas
Serbia and Montenegro EU: War Crimes Issue Pushing Serbia To Crossroads
Russia Moscow group rebuts spy claims, admits U.K. official gave grant
Georgia Blasts Cut Gas to Georgia, Armenia
"Safe Poland" Programme to crack down on crime and corruption
Turkmenistan Niyazov Visits Moscow For Gas Talks
Belarus EU Bolsters Support For Opposition Ahead Of Vote
Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia, EU Open Talks About First Step To Membership
Russia Ex-FSB Chief Says 2 Arrested for Spying
Armenia/Azerbaijan Will Presidents' Meeting Yield Progress Toward Karabakh Peace Deal?
Poland 66 bodies pulled out of collapsed exhibition hall in Katowice
Russia Norilsk Joins Forces With Mining Giant
Russia RusAl Buys Plant in Nigeria
Moldova Putin Dissatisfied With Russian-Moldovan Relations
Poland Journalists are worried about freedom in the face of planned media legislation
Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index 2002 issued
Azerbaijan Strains Within Opposition Intensify
Ukraine Terms Of New Gas Deal Unclear
Russia Ustinov Criticizes Police and Military
Russia Retail Tycoons Join Mega-Rich
Uzbekistan Freedom House Becomes Latest NGO Casualty
Hungary MOL union employees in demonstrations
Ukraine Russia urges dialogue with Ukraine over Black Sea Fleet spat
Belarus Free Elections Impossible In Belarus, Media Leaders Say
Russia Kudrin Hints at Energy Reforms
Caucasus Pipelines Bring Danger Along With Wealth
IKEA & Belarus IKEA pulls out of deal to invest $25m
Russia Rosneft Board Approves Stock Issue, Borrowing
Kazakhstan FBI To Investigate Opposition Figure's Killing
Serbia and Montenegro Serbs, Albanians Start Talks On Kosovo's Future
Tajikistan Tajikistan, Iran launch hydropower plant construction
Russia Berezovsky Sells All Russia Assets
Russia NTV reporter killed in Moscow
Belarus EU-Funded Broadcasts Set To Begin
Poland National Investment Fund Jupiter to close, though president says never say never
Ukraine Ukraine, Turkmenistan Reportedly Reach Gas Deal
Russia Telenor suit against VimpelCom adjourned until April 3
Czech National Bank CNB's view of economy unchanged by floods
Bosnia and Herzegovina International Court Hears Bosnia's Case Against Serbia
Armenia/Azerbaijan Tensions Rise Over Nagorno-Karabakh
Russia Klepach: Lenders at Risk if Oil Plunges
Ukraine Transdniester, Russia Angered By Ukraine's Border Regime
Kazakhstan A Shaken System
Poland Beginning of 2006 sees no companies launching on Warsaw Stock Exchange
Russia U.S. Report Says Russia Is Not a Reliable Partner
Russia Russia's Richest, Twice as Rich
Hungary E.ON to auction natural gas in Hungary
Georgia Government Under Fire Over Trade Regulations, Murder Case
Hungary's MOL MOL finishes due diligence at INA
Poland Ruling parties want to investigate the activities of Leszek Balcerowicz
Ukraine Kyiv Tightens Customs Controls On Transdniester
Russia Banks Want Yukos Ruled Bankrupt
Serbia & Montenegro Tribunal Expected To Release Milosevic Body To Family
Serbia and Montenegro Milosevic Laid To Rest
Ukraine Prime Minister Cautious About Coalition Government
Russia Browder Barred as a Security Threat
Hungary OTP declines bidding for Splitska
Kazakhstan/Uzbekistan Summit Is A Sign Of Changing Times
Russia Putin Talks Energy With EU's Barroso
Transparency International TI issues "Corruption Perceptions Index 2002"
Belarus Thousands Denounce Poll Results
Kyrgyzstan Deposed President Discusses His Ouster
Armenia Armenia to join military communications exercise in Europe
Poland EU's concept of "energy Solidarity" falls far short of Poland's hopes
Russia State Snubs Yukos Summons
Hungary EDS to invest Ft 11 bln in Hungary over three years
Russia Transneft's Pipeline Faces More Scrutiny
Belarus Belarus Tells West To Stop Interfering
Ukraine Yushchenko Speaks of Orange Coalition
Hungary Morgan Stanley to expand in Budapest
Corruption in Czech Republic Corruption has become 'highly organised'
$92m Alrosa Loan Uncut diamond monopoly Alrosa receives loan
Belarus Protesters Tell of Abuse and Gas
Kazakhstan Kazakh President To Start Russia Visit
Russia Ingosstrakh Readies First Insurance IPO
Georgia Russia Pledges To Complete Military Pullout On Schedule
Serbia and Montenegro Serbs, Albanians To Meet For Kosovo Talks
Ukraine Yushchenko Urges Politicians to Stop Arguing
Russia Germans Question $1Bln for Gazprom
Turkmenistan President Ends China Visit After Forming Front Against Uyghurs
Transdniester EU Monitors Detect Only 'Minor' Smuggling
Russia Court Backs Aleksanyan's Arrest
NATO Summit Srba case could be connected with sabotage plan
Georgia Crisis Between Opposition And Government Deepens
Belarus Lukashenko Blasts West at Inauguration
Hungary OTP buys majority stake in Serbia's Zepter banka
Ukraine Yushchenko's Coalition Offer Receives Icy Response
Russia Kasyanov Steps Up Kremlin Bid
Georgia Georgian Agriculture Minister In Moscow For Talks On Wine Ban
Uzbekistan Uzbekistan's GDP growth 3.6% in 1Q06
Russia 5 Years On, Hundreds Mourn NTV Takeover
Kazakhstan Kazakhstan To Stop Operating Soviet-Era Aircraft In 2010
Russia U.S. Court Freezes Yukos Foreign Asset Sales
EU Accession Leszek Miller and Vladimir Spidla discuss preparations
Belarus Lukashenka Enters Third Term Fraught With Economic Dangers
Ukraine Ukraine's Three Main Liberal Parties Move Closer To Coalition
Russia Inmate Slashes Khodorkovsky's Nose
Russia Abramovich Registers Investment Vehicle in Russia
Belarus Independent Pollster Questions Size Of Lukashenka's Election Victory
Serbia and Montenegro Two Suspected Mladic Aides Arrested
Kazakhstan Claims Of Terrorist Network Unsettle Some Political Activists
Ukraine Ukraine's Foreign Minister Says CIS 'Ineffective'
Hungary Ferrexpo IT to build Ft 75 bln rolled steel plant
Russia Gazprom Warning Has EU Worried
Lukoil and Gazprom Deal Joint development of major oil and gas deposit
CIS Press Freedom In Former Soviet Union Under Assault
Turkmenistan Turkmen Opposition Urges Public To Resist Regime
Russia LSE Chief Says Visa Ban May Hurt IPOs
Georgia Georgian Army To Become Volunteer By 2009
Ukraine Ukrainian Region Defies President On Russian Language
Serbia and Montenegro EU Days Away From Halting Talks With Serbia
Russia Putin Steps Up Gazprom Defense
Azerbaijan Iranian President Defends Nuclear Stance
Hungary Gov't prepares for Ft 350 bln budget consolidation
Russia Top Uranium Miner Soars to Over $1Bln
Ukrainian President Accused Leonid Kuchma accused of involvement in murder of journalist
Central Asia Caspian Great Game Back On
Serbia and Montenegro No Results In Latest Kosovo Talks
Georgia Georgia starts consultations with Ukraine on quitting CIS
Russia Cheney Says Liberty at Risk in Russia
Russia Putin Reiterates He'll Pick Successor
Serbia and Montenegro Mladic's Detention 'Days' Away, Serbian Official Says
Ukraine Ukraine's Naftohaz Chief Ivchenko Removed
Hungary Erdert-Multicont wins bid for Csepel dockyards
Uzbekistan EU Ministers To Voice Concern On Uzbekistan
Kazakhstan Nazarbayev, Putin Strike Gas Deal
Hungary's MOL Ukraine, Gazprom to sell gas to MOL
Russia Transneft Beneficiaries to Be Named
Hungary Socialists, Free Democrats sign coalition agreement
Uzbekistan Opposition Activist's Release From Jail A Surprise
Russia Motorola Beset by Criminal Inquiry
Poland Polish Firm Buys Yukos' Mazeikiu Refinery
Georgia A NATO Progress Report
Serbia and Montenegro EU Says No Membership Fast Track For Montenegro
Russia Arcelor Turns to Alexei Mordashov
Black Sea Searching For A New Vision
Russia The Man With the Plan for Russia Inc.
Polish Farming Issues EU agriculture commissioner Franz Fischler jeered
Georgia Russian, Georgian leaders' meeting crucial - Georgian minister
Hungary Banks call back Transelektro loans
Central Asia Regional Countries, Japan Agree On Action Plan
Serbia and Montenegro Serbia Declares Independence
Russia Putin Scolded for Curbing the Press
Russia Russian tycoon denies knowledge of Kommersant sales deal
Uzbekistan Uzbekistan, China ink oil and gas prospecting deal
Kyrgyzstan Shanghai organization unlikely to expand soon - Kyrgyz minister
Hungary PM announces new taxes, other changes
Russia Moscow-St.Pete toll highway project to start in 2007- minister
Gazprom Share price dives 6% over cash-raising plans
Georgia Russia/Georgia: Friendship Still Going Strong, Despite Frosty Political Ties
Ukraine Our Ukraine Says Coalition Talks At Dead End
Georgia EU Envoy Cites Ossetia Confidence-Building 'Deficit
Poland Did PZU financially aid PO's election campaign?
Kazakhstan First Kazakh Satellite Put Into Orbit
Russia Putin May Back Dark Horse in 2008
Romania Bucharest Says CIA Flights Made Only Technical Stops
Ukraine Our Ukraine Takes Steps Toward Unlikely Coalition
Russia Chechen Rebel Leader Sadulayev Shot Dead
Central Asia The Great Game, Part II
Shell Fined Czech anti-monopoly office fines distributors for price fixing
Poland PZU CEO faces more harsh accusations
Caucasus U.S. Says Aliyev, Kocharian Must Show 'Political Will'
Kazakhstan Nazarbaeva Bids To Unite Pro-Presidential Forces
Russia Yukos Asks London to Halt Rosneft IPO
Ukraine How Will The Renewed 'Orange' Government Be Run?
Russia Iraq Video Shows Russians' Execution
Romania U.S. Congressman Questions Iraq Withdrawal Proposal
Nagorno-Karabakh OSCE Catches Region Off Guard
Russia Source: Majors Offered IPO Stakes
Turkmenistan Media Coverage Of Leader Distracts Attention From Real Problems
LUKoil Exec $1 million reward offered in kidnap of Sergei Kukura
Poland Military Intelligence files continue to haunt politicians
Ukraine Ukraine Wins Breather in Gas Talks
Russia Investors Revolt Against Severstal
Poland Foreigners fail to take advantage of booming land prices
Georgia Top South Ossetian Official Killed By Bomb
Russia FT: Abramovich Has Bid for Rosneft Shares
Armenia / Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh: OSCE Catches Region Off Guard
Kazakhstan Kazakhstan's Diplomatic Chief Warns Foreign Meddlers
Ukraine Yanukovych May Be Named Prime Minister
Russia Sibir Jet Veers Off Runway, 122 Dead
Law and Order in Russia Prosecutor-General warns of widespread corruption
Novgorod Mayor Killed Aleksandr Korsunov victim of hit and run
Serbia and Montenegro Serbia Indicts 10 For Allegedly Helping Mladic
Kyrgyzstan International anti-terrorism exercise starts in Kyrgyzstan
Caucasus The BTC -- Settling On A Route
Russia Half of Rosneft IPO Goes to 4 Buyers
Ukraine Kyiv's Pro-Western Policy In Doubt
Russia Putin Says Russia Doesn't Need Any Lectures
Georgia No crisis on Georgia-Abkhazia border-parliament speaker
Serbia and Montenegro Historic Kosovo Status Talks Open
Russia Russian Spies Try to Free Israeli Soldiers
Turkmenistan Iranian President Pays First Visit To Ashgabat
Layoffs at Matáv Unions agree to cuts of 1,880 at Matáv
Ukraine Ukraine Rada may appoint PM without president as deadline looms
Russia 4 CIS Leaders Snub Moscow Meeting
Ukraine Former President Observes 'Ukraine Without Kuchma'
Russia Russia, Argentina in Talks on Arms Deal
Georgia Georgia Allows UN Conditional Access To Kodori
Poland Polish exodus causing job crisis at home
Kazakhstan Battle Of The Clans Continues
Russia Colonel Convicted of Spying for MI6
Bosnia & Herzegovina Biggest Mass Grave Yet Found In Bosnia
Belarus Belarus Opens Iranian Car Plant
Baikal Economic Forum Economics adviser calls EES a 'National Shame'
Uzbekistan OSCE Weighs In on Uzbekistan
Poland Will Ryszard Krauze become the oil Sheik of Poland?
Ukraine Yanukovych Sees Ukraine WTO Delay
Russia Boeing, VSMPO Sign $18Bln Deal
Latvia Ethnic Russians Divided On Moscow's Repatriation Scheme
Russia Putin, BASF Discuss a Plant in Russia
Afghanistan NATO Countries Find Troops Need More Armor Protection
Ukraine Yushchenko Courts Ukrainians Abroad
Uzbekistan Government Takes On U.S. Gold Mining Company
Russia Explosive device detonates in Moscow, kills 7
Czech Republic Senate passes EU referendum bill
Iran Analysts Say War In Lebanon Strengthened Tehran
China/Kazakhstan Forces Hold First-Ever Joint Terrorism Exercises
Russia In Emerging Markets, Russia Now a 'Haven'
Ukraine 9 Years for Ex-Ukrainian Premier
Central Asia Japanese Premier Visits Energy-Rich Region
Russia Moscow Considers Troops for Lebanon
Czech Republic Khristenko's Son to Oversee Czech Pipe Firm
Uzbekistan EU Officials Hold Talks In Tashkent
Russia Chubais Hails Start of Power Trading
Afghanistan 14 British Troops Killed In Plane Crash
Alfa Bank, Gazprom Signing of strategic co-operation agreement on 19 Sept 02
Poland PM threatens early elections if Lepper ruins the budget
Russia Daily Is Sold, but Now What?
Georgia Former Minister's Allies Accused Of Plotting Coup
Serbia U.S., Serbia Sign Military Cooperation Accord
Hungary Mol issues new shares to distribute in company incentive plan
Russia Russian Space Center Eyes Lockheed Stakes
Central Asia Region Pledges To Remain Free Of Nuclear Weapons
Russia Putin Discusses China and Energy at Dinner
Poland John Deere pushes for faster expansion into Poland
Russia Shuvalov Says State Will Sell Off Rosneft
Entry to Poland Introduction of visa requirements for Russians from 1 July 03
Ukraine Yanukovych Blows Hot And Cold In Brussels
Moldova Transdnestr Voters Tout Russia
Kazakhstan First Female Tourist Heads Into Space
Russia Putin Calls for a Banking Cleanup
Ukraine Transcarpathian Rusyns Want Official Recognition
Romania Romania Denies Mass Emigration Likely After EU Entry
Poland Positive economic outlook drives ECE's mall plans
Iraq U.S. Intelligence Concludes Iraq War Worsens Terror Threat
Hungary Hungarian anti-government protest continues without violence
Russia President Pushes for a Role in EADS
Sergei Kukura Kidnapped Lukoil VP released on 25 September
Kazakhstan Long Delays Sap The Strength From 'Kazakhgate' Case
Russia Sakhalin Squabble Threatening Profits
Georgia A Time for Some Restraint on All Sides
Central Asia U.S. Helsinki Commission Concerned About SCO's Influence
Hungary Pressure mounts on Hungarian PM
Russia Russian Troops on High Alert
Kazakhstan The Limits Of Cooperation
Georgia Saakashvili Victorious In Local Elections
Poland Self-Defense declares it is ready to re-enter a coalition
Russia / Georgia Police Seek Lists of Georgian Schoolchildren
Shell CR Constitutional complaint over Anti-Monopoly fine
Ukraine Two Viktors, But No Clear Winner
Russia Politkovskaya Gunned Down Near Home
Uzbekistan Uzbek President Blames Andijon Governor For 2005 Unrest
Poland The price of a new coalition with Lepper and LPR
Georgia UN Calls On Tbilisi To Exercise Restraint
Russia Shell Fixes Sakhalin Violations
CIS Rise In Contract Killings Not Unique To Russia
Russia 19 LUKoil Licenses Are Under Threat
Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Asks Borat to Visit
Uzbekistan Karimov Reappraises Andijon
Polish Steel Mills Ministry Privatization plan for PHS meets with opposition
Hungary Hungary's Failed Revolution Made It All Clear
Ukraine Pro-Presidential Bloc Goes Into Opposition
Russia Putin Hopes for Sakhalin-2 Deal With Shell
Russia / Georgia Putin Defends His Stance on Georgia
Russia - Kazakhstan Russia's LUKoil Claims Victory In Kazakh Case
Russia Trutnev Declares Highest Income
Poland Germany seeks Polish cooperation for gas pipeline
Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyz Speaker Cautions Bakiev Over Reform Moves
Serbia EU Says Serbian Vote On Kosovo Contradictory
Russia Putin Thanks Foreigners for Rosneft IPO
Evrofinance Gazprom sells media stake in $700m deal
China African Countries Sign Deals With Beijing
Tajikistan Tajik Leader Rejects Criticism Of Election
Hungary Hungarian government starts investigation into street violence
Russia Rosneft Lining Up $24.5Bln in Loans
Kyrgyzstan Coup Probe Begins As Kyrgyz Protest Continues
Georgia Price of Gas to Double for Georgia
Russia TNK-BP Pays Off $1.44Bln Tax Bill
Turkmenistan Potential 'Super-Giant' Emerges On Energy Scene
Georgia Georgian Defense Minister Moved
Hungary Metal foams technology from Hungary to be tested in space
Russia - US Bilateral Co-operation Russian Energy Minister meets US Vice-President
Croatia's INA Lukoil withdraws interest in INA
Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyz Parliament Convenes After Protests
Russia U.S. Gives Green Light to WTO Bid
Hungary Hungary's central bank may raise rates to bring down inflation
Russia Britain Investigates Suspected Poisoning
Tajikistan Officials Entice Ethnic Tajiks To Western Border Region
Poland Poland Stands by Veto Threat
Iraq Rights Group Says Hussein Trial Unfair
Russia U.S., Russia Sign 800-Page WTO Deal
Hungary OMV in talks with four European companies on Nabucco Project
Azerbaijan Coping With The Oil Windfall
Ukraine, WB, IMF World Bank plans to continue $250m loan to Ukraine
Georgia Saakashvili Decries Gas Meddling
Russia Timing Couldn't Be Worse for Putin
Kazakhstan Nazarbaev Seeks Greater Business Ties With Britain
Russia British Police Follow Litvinenko Trail
Caucasus Azerbaijani, Armenian, Karabakh Officials Assess Talks
Russia $1Bln Indonesia Arms Deal in Cards
Hungary Mol submits binding bid for 100% stake in Russian oil field
Georgia Parliament Speaker Pleased With Results Of NATO Summit
Kazakhstan Kazakhstan To Host 2008 OSCE Parliamentary Session
Russia Britain Expands Litvinenko Inquiry
Russian Oil Production Russia to create oil reserve to stablize global markets
Ukraine U.S. Energy Company Vies For Oil Contract
Mongolia Russia, Mongolia Seal Trade Agreement
Kazakhstan Democracy, Energy, And Ambiguity
Russia Polonium Traces Found in Germany
Romania Romanian lei, world's best performer, may rise in 2007 on EU
Russia President Hints at a Shtokman Reversal
EU Consensus On Expansion Eludes Summit
Russia Litvinenko Linked to Senior Kremlin Figure
U.S./China Few Results In Economic Talks
Serbia Kosovo: UN Mission Chief Discusses Status Decision
VZS, Semtex, Crime Scandals surrounding the Czech military intelligence service (VZS) continue
Belarus Lukashenko Finds Gas Talks Tough
Russia Sakhalin Deal Seen This Week
Iraq Iraq Moves Forward With Hussein Execution
Ukraine Entry To Russia's Energy Market Discussed
Poland Economic growth to pleasantly surprise analysts
Turkmenistan 6 Candidates Selected in Turkmenistan
Russia More Prison Time for Khodorkovsky?
Belarus Belarus Warns It May Block Gas
Iraq Saddam Hussein Executed In Baghdad
Iraq Bush Expected To Announce U.S. Troop 'Surge'
EBRD, Armenia EBRD withdraws from Armenian energy privatization
World Media Groups Say 2006 Deadliest Yet For Journalists
Ukraine Possible Energy Solution In Coal Beds
Turkmenistan Presidential Campaign Opens With Surprising Promises Of Reform
Poland Polish retail networks aim to become regional giants
Poland / Belarus Poland Says Oil Deliveries Via Belarus Disrupted
Russia Greens Praise EBRD's Sakhalin Move
Armenia Turkish Businessman Pessimistic About Open Border
Russia Surgut Puzzle Has Banks Baffled
Serbia First Official Results Due From Serbian Parliamentary Vote
Belarus Belarussian Leader Sees Hard Times
Romania, Bulgaria Romania criticises Bulgaria over EU membership comments
Turkmenistan Presidential Campaign Reflects Latent Social Tensions
Russia Putin Vows to Fix Transit Problems
Azerbaijan Azerbaijani Opposition Backers Protest Price Hikes
Poland PM to meet PO leader to discuss local election crisis
Kazakhstan New Opposition Party Registered In Kazakhstan
Russia British Police Want Lugovoi Extradited
Iran Iran Considering Nuclear 'Timeout' Proposal
Russia Gazprom-Linked Firm Makes Yukos Bid
Afghanistan U.S. Takes Over NATO Force
CIS The Emerging Post-Soviet Petrostates
Polish Energy Market Government approves new strategy for privatisation of energy market
Poland Poland to sign oil contracts with Kuwait and Kazakhstan?
Russia Putin Plans Meeting With Oligarchs
Serbia Serbia Rejects UN Kosovo Plan, West Urges Flexibility
Russia Alrosa Chief Quits Amid Talk of Norilsk Deal
Russia Putin Castigates U.S. Foreign Policy
Turkmenistan Turkmenistan Claims High Voter Turnout
Poland Police resignations linked to Finance Ministry corruption
Russia Gazprom, Interros to Carve Up Power
Hungary UK farmers demand poultry probe
Afghanistan Reports Of Fighting As Taliban Mass Near Kajaki Dam
Putin, Lukoil, Iraq Lukoil gets guarantees over Iraq from Putin
Iran Iran Refuses To Halt Uranium Enrichment
Belarus Why Can't The Opposition Just Get Along?
Russia Rosneft and LUKoil in Running for Kharyaga
Kyrgyzstan New Opposition Movement Fuels Ongoing Political Dispute
Russia Kadyrov Seeks More Control Over Chechen Energy Firm
Czech Republic, Poland Czechs and Poles Hit Back at Moscow
Iran Iran Says Its Nuclear Program Is Irreversible
Russia Yukos' Rosneft Stake to Be Sold in March
Moldova Moldova Bristling Over Language
Bosnia & Herzegovina UN Court To Rule On Bosnia's Genocide Suit
Financial Action Task Force Paris-based FATF removes Russia from Money-Laundering 'Blacklist'
Ukraine Yushchenko's Choice for Foreign Minister Denied
Russia U.S. Fails to Ease Russian Nerves
Russia State Keeps Control in UES Sell-Off
Turkmenistan Turkmen President Continues Education Reforms
Ukraine Rice, Tymoshenko Meet
Georgia Caucasus in Dark on Radar Proposal
Estonia Voters in Estonia Go to Polls Amid Tensions With Russia
Russia Putin Eyes Belgium as Gas Export Hub
Serbia Kosovo Talks End in Deadlock
Iran Iran Calls Baghdad Conference 'A Good First Step'
Polish Insurer PZU PZU management board loses Eureko representative
Russia Investigators Raid PwC Offices
Caucasus Caucasus States Warned Not to Host U.S. Missile Shield
Uzbekistan Is Tashkent's Foreign Policy Going Multivector?
Russia Norilsk Buys Into OGK-3 for $3Bln
Iran Fate of Bushehr Emboldens Iranians
Kazakhstan Rude Culture Minister Ignores Pressure To Resign
Russia British Prosecutors May Explain Hold Up in Litvinenko Inquiry
Belarus President Is Firmly In His Saddle, Despite A Bumpier Road
Slovakia Slovakia, EU raise koruna's central rate after appreciation
Russia LUKoil, Rosneft to Retain Licenses
Fight against International Terrorism Russian and U.S. Parliamentarians agree on cooperation
Czech Banking Court acquits Kreditni Banka managers in fraud case
Iran UN Passes New Iran Sanctions Resolution
Russia Ryzhkov's Party Is Ordered to Disband
Belarus 15,000 Protest Lukashenko in Minsk
Poland Tough Lustration Law Divides Society
Azerbaijan U.S., Azerbaijan Sign Deal on Energy
Russia TNK-BP Will Bid For Yukos Assets
Iran London, Tehran Clash In War Of Images
Lithuania Lithuania Seeks New Pipe Report
Russia Berezovsky Denies TV Report
Serbia Serbs Counting on Russian Help at UN
Mikhail Kasyanov Russian Prime Minister authorises privatisation of Slavneft
Ukraine Yushchenko Dissolves Parliament
Russia Aeroflot in $940M Bid for Alitalia
Afghanistan UN Condemns 'Senseless Murder' After Taliban Report Killing Afghan Hostage
Russia Gazprom Wants More Electricity
Iraq At Least 20 Killed In Iraqi Attacks
Ukraine State Duma Backs Lawmakers in Kiev
Armenia Prime Minister's Appointment Could Trigger Upheaval
Russia Samaraneftegaz Sale Slated for May 10
Iran Iran Plans Additional Plants
Georgia Abkhazia Certain To Reject New 'Peace Plan'
Nicolae Vacaroiu Romanian Senate Speaker comments on recent corruption allegations
Russia Gazprom to Build German Power Plant
Ukraine Did West Pull Up Stakes Too Soon?
Macedonia Former Macedonian Minister Faces War Crimes Tribunal
Russia Riot Police Violently Break Up March
Uzbekistan EU: Drive For Central Asia Strategy Could Shape Uzbekistan Policy
Russia Ivanov Inspects a Secret Factory
Armenia Election Campaign Gets Off To Uneasy Start
Ukraine Kyiv Quiet As Signs Of Political Compromise Emerge
Czech Republic Missile Shield Focus Of U.S.-Czech Talks
Russia State Snubs London Forum
EC Report Hungary is to be ready to join the EU in 2004
World Soros Says Revolutions Don't Build Democracies
Caucasus Is Putin's CFE Threat Aimed At The Region?
Russia Wolfensohn Gets Post with VTB
Estonia Violent Clashes Over War Memorial
Turkmenistan Still Waiting For Berdymukhammedov's Thaw
Russia NATO and Russia Clash on Arms Treaty
Uzbekistan Rights Group Calls On EU To Stay Firm On Uzbek Abuses
Russia Evraz Takes Control of Highveld
Moldova Talk Of Transdniester Agreement Sparks Speculation
Estonia Europe Implicated in Statue Dispute
Czech Republic, EU EU beckons for 2004, in spite of the criticism
Ukaine Blast Rips Section of Ukraine Gas Pipeline
Russia TNK-BP to Bid for Yukos Gas Stations
Russia 'Putin Didn't Liken U.S. to Third Reich'
Estonia Rail Freight To Estonia Will Resume
Russia Yukos Office Auction Raises $3.9Bln
Hungary Hungarian investors target Montenegro
Armenia Armenia Pro-Presidential Parties Win
Russia / Turkmenistan Putin Lands a Deal for Turkmen Gas
Belarus Belarus and Iran Agree to Resist Pressure
Turkmenistan Turkmenistan Opens Up to Foreign Tourists
Aleksander Kwasniewski President refuses to sign tax amnesty & property declaration bill
Russia Putin Going to Vienna on Business
Serbia Twelve Convicted Over Djindjic Assassination
Kazakhstan Nazarbayev Ends Term Limits for Self
Russia Britain Seeks Lugovoi's Extradition
Belarus Milinkevich Out As Head Of Belarus Opposition Coalition
Russia Mironov Tells Kyoto Experts The World Is Getting Cooler
Czech Republic Czech President Says Kosovo Region's Biggest Dilemma
Poland Poland Says It May Block WTO Entry
Central Asia Central Asia Seen Unstable On Energy
Russia Evraz to Take Over Mining Company
Aleksandr Lebedev Bankers want to 'squeeze' Russian Capital out of Western Banks
Central Asia Writing Books Popular With Region's Leaders
Czech Republic Czechs Torn Over U.S. Shield
Russia PIK Raises $1.8Bln in Lowball IPO
Ukraine Yushchenko Calls for Fair Elections
Kazakhstan Nazarbayev's Relative Out on Bail
Russia Putin Warns of Missiles Pointed at EU
Norway / Russia Norway, Russia to Sign Deal on Arctic Border
Central Asia A Search For New Integration Models
Hungary Hungary is sixth largest investor in Serbia
Russia EBRD: Diversify Healthy Economy
Romania, EBRD Government and EBRD to draw up joint programmes for 2003
Serbia Bush, In Albania, Says Any Kosovo Talks Aimed At Independence
Russia President Sees Iraq, Turkey In Shield
Russia Police Under Fire for Beslan
Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Takes Step Toward Vote
Hungary Privatization in Hungary coming to an end
Azerbaijan 4 Leaders Try to Offset Russia's Clout
Poland Shell aspires to be Poland's second largest fuel retailer
Russia Potanin Takes a Swipe at Government
Russia Luzhkov Tapped for New Term
Belarus New Europe Battles Lukashenka
Poland's ZATM Lukoil to join forces with ZATM in PVC production
Moldova Moldovan Wine Ban to Be Lifted
Ukraine Yanukovych Sees Pipe Work Resuming
Balkans Russia seeks closer energy ties with Balkans
Russia Gazprom Gets Kovykta on the Cheap
Russia Alfa Eyes N. Korea And Iran
Ukraine Pipeline Conflict Resurfaces
Azerbaijan Azeri Press Restrictions Not Making the News
Russia FSB Identifies Man In British Spy Flap
Moldova Local Elections Show National Trends
Russia Gazprom Eyes 'Big Acquisitions'
Valentin Tsvetkov Magadan Oblast Governor gunned down in Moscow
Russia Litvinenko Waiter Tells Poisonous Story
Belarus Belarus to Close U.S.-Funded NGOs
Iran and Turkey Preliminary agreement signed to pump Iranian gas to Europe via Turkey
Russia Total to Get Reserves Under Shtokman Deal
Turkmenistan The End Of Isolationism?
Russia President Pulls Out of a Key Treaty
Central Asia Is There Any Escape From Lifelong Presidencies?
Russia Mitsui to Send Cargo Via Siberia
Ukraine Yushchenko Pays Visit to Disaster Site
Belarus Theories Abound In Ouster Of KGB Chief
Russian Editor Killed Newspaper Editor killed in Togliatti
Russian TV Moscow is tired of sex, violence on television
Armenia RusAl Gets Armenia's Foil Mill Rolling
Russia Lavrov Looking for Return to Normalcy
Russia Gorbachev Blames U.S. for Tensions
Romania AFI Europe buys Bucharest lots for €77.5 mln
Russia Basic Element Asks to Buy Russneft
Kazakhstan, Georgia Kazakhstan, Georgia Targeted for Internet
Serbia Serbia, World Bank sign agreements worth $192.5 mln
Russia Gazprom Secures 2 Power Producers
Russia Tatarstan: President Following Democracy 'In The Best Interests Of Our People'
Belarus Belarus Gains Reprieve in Gas Spat
Charles Simonyi International Software Corp to be set up in Hungary
Hungary E.On to launch power plant construction in Hungary
Russia Case Against Lugovoi Still Possible in Russia
Czech Republic President Says Freedoms Endangered, Not Climate
Russia Deripaska Bids for Power Machines
Russia Ivanov Calls Missile Claim Theatrical
Ukraine New Elections For Old Contenders
Russia Russneft Tax Ruling Upheld
Turkmenistan Turkmen Energy Chief Fired
Poland Poland heads for early vote
Russia The Kremlin Gets a Pocket Bank of Its Own
Food & Agriculture Serbia and Croatia sign free trade agreement
HUNGARY Mol ready to welcome allies but not OMV
KAZAKHSTAN China, Kazakhstan Agree to Link Pipe to Caspian
RUSSIA Kadyrov Orders Up Airline for Chechnya
KAZAKHSTAN Kazakh President Gets His Landslide
BULGARIA AIG Investments take over 90% of Bulgarian Telecom
RUSSIA Radio Station Yanks BBC Programming
Russia RusAl Eyes China as a Primary Market
Belarus Belarus May Get Nuclear Weapons
Romania Kazakh firm takes majority stake of Romania’s Rompetrol
Kazakhstan Kazakhs Call Halt to Kashagan Field
Poland's Netia Netia to conclude shares-for-debt deal with creditors
Turkey Ankara Seeks Role As East-West 'Energy Bridge'
Russia 10 Arrested in Politkovskaya Murder
Kazakhstan President Nazarbaev Dismisses Another Son-In-Law
Russia Usmanov Gunning for Bigger Arsenal Share
Moldova Crisis Looms As Workforce Flees Moldova
Russia Ivanov Urges $100Bln for Caspian
Bulgaria Bulgaria becomes financially stable, predictable - PM says
Russia Gazprom Plans Gas Field Talks With E.On
RUSSIA Severstal Says Profits Doubled
GEORGIA Iraq: As Third-Largest Contingent, Georgia Hopes To Show Its Worth
Czech National Bank CNB gives green light to investment takeover of Union Banka
RUSSIA Putin: Russia does not rule out limits on foreign investment
CROATIA Croats in a frenzy ahead of telecom privatization
RUSSIA Putin's UAE Trip Kindles Arab Ties
SERBIA Serbia to inform UN of US threat to recognize Kosovo independence
KYRGYZSTAN Court Ruling Restores 2003 Constitution
RUSSIA Deals worth $8.6 bln bring energy assets to E.ON and Gasprom
HUNGARY Hungary ranks most stable
RUSSIA LDPR Offers Lugovoi Immunity in Duma
AZERBAIJAN U.S. Experts to Tour Gabala Station
RUSSIA Putin Talks of 5 Possible Successors
Russian Hostage Crisis Commandos Strike, Death Toll Hits 167
Kazakhstan ENI, Kazakhstan debate may affect Samsun-Ceyhan pipeline
Russia Nashi Brigades to Enforce Public Order
Turkmenistan What Can Turkmenistan Offer Investors Apart From Gas?
Russia Putin Ponders Zubkov's Proposals
Serbia Serbia to offer Kosovo solution acceptable to all sides
Russia Putin Sees Role for Foreign Investors
RUSSIA 'Putin's Plan' Will Go Up For a Vote
EASTERN EUROPE EBRD warns of slowing growth in Eastern Europe
UKRAINE Ukraine: Playing The Populist Card In Parliamentary Elections
GEORGIA Saakashvili Cuts Short Trip After Big Protest in Tbilisi
Warsaw Commercial Court Uniprom declared bankrupt after failing to take over WSiP
RUSSIA Fast Track for New State Corporation
UKRAINE Pro-West blocs ‘win’ Ukraine vote
GEORGIA Has Political Scandal Tarnished Georgia's Democratic Image?
RUSSIA Putin Offers Arms Discounts For Help With Peacekeeping
CIS Unhappiness With Moscow Sours CIS Summit
RUSSIA Kudrin Gets Sweeping New Powers
RUSSIA, BELARUS, KAZAKHSTAN Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan to launch customs union in 2011
RUSSIA Fradkov Named Foreign Spymaster
Kazakhstan Global Financial Turmoil Hits Credit Rating
Russia Gazprom Puts a Chill Into UES Share Sales
Mosenergo Moscow utility Mosenergo posts loss Of $109M
Belarus Lukashenko says Nord Stream makes no sense
Russia Rice Says Kremlin Too Powerful
Ukraine 13 Killed in Ukraine Gas Blast
Russia New Law to Reduce Referendum Rights
Russia Spy Agency Told to Help Companies
Ukraine The Power Of A Second Chance
Russia Foreigners keep Russian market afloat
Hungary Hungary gets top billing for investors
Russia Kudrin Defends Fund as Oil Soars
Poland Poland’s largest opposition party wins parliamentary election: polls
Fitch Ratings Romania's long-term foreign and local currency ratings upgraded
RUSSIA Putin Says Russia Will Check EU on Rights
RUSSIA Kudrin Says Capital Inflow Has Resumed
SERBIA / KOSOVO Kosovo: Is EU Set To Recognize Independence?
RUSSIA New Russia Debate Takes Shape
KAZAKHSTAN Kazakh President Accused Of Ordering Opposition Leader’s Murder
RUSSIA Putin Snipes at EU on Access to Assets
HUNGARY / CZECH REPUBLIC MOL buys stake in Cameroon oil field, plans to build power plant with CEZ
MOLDOVA Moldovan President Says Transdniester Solution In Sight
SERBIA / KOSOVO New round of Kosovo talks end without progress
RUSSIA Churov Says Observers Get in Way
Croatia's Sisak Sisak Ironworks will continue operations says Maric
ROMANIA Outlook on Romania revised to negative - S&P
RUSSIA Russia, China Seal Power Agreements
ROMANIA Romania leads in European construction sector’s growth
RUSSIA Kudrin Deputy Faces Fraud Charges
SERBIA / KOSOVO EU FMs warn against Kosovo independence
RUSSIA Sibir Sues Millhouse Over Fields
SERBIA / KOSOVO Kosovo: Thaci Victory Makes Independence Declaration More Likely
RUSSIA World Bank Urges Action on Inflation
POLAND / LITHUANIA Poland’s largest company branches out to Lithuania
RUSSIA Chemezov to Head Technologies Corp.
Poland State Railways US Tishman Speyer Properties signs contract
Czech National Bank CNB cuts two-week repossession rate by 25 points
KYRGYZSTAN Field Narrowed Ahead Of Campaigning For National Elections
RUSSIA Putin Says U.S. Pressured OSCE
GEORGIA Patarkatsishvili Files for Presidential Run
RUSSIA Election Insider Outlines Fraud
Moscow Hostage Crisis Basaev claims responsibility for Moscow hostage taking
Gazprom Precedent-setting victory over Moscow Tax Inspectorate on 28 Oct 02
Moscow Hostage Crisis Hostage Aftermath Cloaked in Secrecy
Czech EU Accession Cabinet agrees on 15/16 June 03 as suitable date for referendum
Poland's PZL Mielec PZL Mielec signs offset deals as part of F-16 defense bid
FDA & Pliva Leading pharmaceutical company in C&E Europe receives FDA approval
Croatia, Yugoslavia Talks on free trade reach agreement
Kazakhstan Opposition journalist Nuri Muftakh run down and killed
Russia & NATO Kremlin changes tone on NATO expansion
Explosion in Russia Victory Day bomb rocks Kaspiisk
Poland Elektrim to buy PAK shares from Treasury Ministry?
NATO Summit Less demonstrators on Prague streets than expected
OSCE & Croatia OSCE Permanent Council considering report submitted by Peter Semneby
NATO Summit NATO goes French to keep Kuchma at bay
Croatia Working group's first meeting to prepare EU membership application
Poland's PKN Orlen Joint venture with Dutch concern Basell Europe Holdings
Russian Aviation Aviastar-SP seals $355M jet order
Hungary OTP Bank Rt shuns new BCR tender
Czech Salaries Average wage rise largest for three years
Prestige Disaster Russia's worn-out tankers raise fears
Czech Republic Czechs deny arms sale to Iraq
EU Accession Hungary's Endre Juhasz has submitted new proposals to Brussels
Investment in Poland BBI sells AMS shares and looks for new investments
IPB Case National Property Fund (FNM) accuses Nomura of default
NATO Expansion Putin aide criticizes NATO expansion
Reform in Croatia Croatia in favourable position according to President Mesic
Russian Energy LUKoil backs out of Slavneft tender
Consuming Spending Visa Cards top 4 million mark in Russia
Poland After EU summit what impact will subsidies at cost of investment have?
Rules on Foreigners Russian Duma passes bill to tighten migration policy
Czech Politics Topalanek is surprise new ODS Leader
Czech Freedom of Speech 'Respekt' Editor in Chief appeals to Ombudsman
Russian Media Human Rights Ombudsman critical of media freedom
EU Accession Hungary agrees terms in Copenhagen
Russian Energy LUKoil cut out of Iraqi oil field
Gazprom & Europe Gazprom targets U.K., Italy, Turkey
Balkans European Union to support Media Projects in Western Balkans
Chechnya Death toll in Grozny bombing rises to 80...
Russian Energy Rosneft readies Slavneft suit
Polish Economy Economy Ministry still basing its plans around 3.5% growth in 2003
Czech Law Court orders Preliminary Hearing in Private Investors Case
Romania Money Transfers over E10,000 to be monitored
Hungarian Retail Benetton opens its first Hungarian retail store in Budapest
Polish State-controlled Firms Justice Ministry announces investigations
Croatia Telecoms Vodafone brand and services to extend to Austria, Croatia & Slovenia
Russia Contract Murder of Vladimir Sukhomlin linked to Police
Czech Telecom Mlynar demands C Telecom restructuring
Polish Banking HSBC hunting Kredyt Bank
Polish Politics Parliament starts inquiry into 'Rywingate'
Serbia - Belgrade Ball Corporation (US) to open E75m plant creating 300 new jobs
Romanian Privatisation Agency APAPS annuls sell-off contract for steel works CSR Resita
Czech Elections Zeman gets backing for showdown with Klaus
Oil & Gas Hungary's MOL bids for 25% of Croatia's INA
Gazprom-Media Gazprom gives Boris Jordan the boot
Slavneft Leadership Interior Ministry investigates corruption
Turkmenistan Politics Inside Ashgabat: The Shadow of Death
Russia's MTS Cellular-Telephone Operator's database stolen, pirated
Polish Energy Gas supplies from Russia to be reduced by 35%
Former Yugoslavia Sarejevo hosts meeting of former Yugoslavia's successor countries
Russian Theatre Siege Moscow Court rejects Dubrovka lawsuits
Czech Politics Senate agrees with lifting Zelezny's immunity
Serbian Politics New accusations that high-ranking officials are involved in organized crime
Tsvetkov Assassination Tongues start to wag in Magadan
Estonia Parliament passes new bankruptcy law
Polish Oil Sector Shotgun marriage for RG with PKN Orlen?
Czech Elections CSSD ahead in polls
Russian Media NTV journalists protest...
Croatia SDP stresses the need to develop the Croatian Islands
Ventspils, Latvia Russia plays hardball with Latvian Oil Terminal
NW Hungary Cooper Tools Hungaria to become Central European headquarters
Oil and Gas Naftogaz Ukraine, Gazprom, and Mogilevich
TV Nova Liechtenstein court throws out case against Vladimir Zelezny
Polish Pharmaceuticals Third attempt to privatize Cefarm Bialystok to be launched later this year
Police Corruption Putin says Police and Business don't mix
Moscow Court MMM Co-founder Vyacheslav Mavrodi sentenced
Bosnian Election Commission Politicians warned about moonlighting in private sector
500 Largest Global Companies Russian energy giants make “Financial Times” list
Bulgaria & EU Integration French Ambassador warns of Bulgaria's position on Iraq
Polsat pushes Vivendi Poland's TV giant to continue talks with Vivendi
Czech Republic CEZ warns it will quit deal if price changes
Russian Energy Putin says Gazprom too powerful to break up
Corruption Questioning Candor on Corruption
Rywingate Scandal Head of Polish Television comments on bribe
Dell Dell set to duel with rival HP in Russia
Croatia - EU President and PM sign official application for EU membership
Following the trail of Magadan Gold Kinross Gold Corp. announced an agreement with the Magadan Governor two days before he was gunned down
Czech Banking Banks eager to lure Union Banka clients
German Mission to Uzbekistan German Chancellor Schroeder visits Tashkent
Standard & Poor's S&P upgrades Romania from B+ to BB-
BiH Corruption Scandal RS government removes all RS Elektroprivreda board members
Russia's Richest Russia No. 4 on Forbes' Billionaires List
Polish Banking Gtech and IC finally sign deal to purchase PolCard
Iraq Crisis Putin takes his case to Bulgaria
Czech Politics Vaclav Klaus is new President
War in Iraq Moscow thinks Iraq War is imminent
Poland - Visas Poland and Russia agree on simplified visa procedures
Slovakia Smer Party: Corruption has reached a "catastrophic and critical state"
Serbia & Montenegro EAR announces E 30m investment in Southeast Serbia
NATO-Russia Agreement Foreign Ministers initial new NATO Council Agreement
Czech Banking Komercni Banka gains 8,000 clients in 2 months
RosBusinessConsulting 24-hour Russian Business TV debuts in May
Iraq Crisis Parliamentarians say Russia should not veto Iraq Resolution
Djindjic Assassination Concerns over stability in the region
Serbian PM Police arrest 56 people in connection to Djindjic’s assassination
Polish Energy Games continue around privatization of Gdañsk Refinery
Czech Government CR ordered to pay CME $353 million in Nova fight
Russian Economy Investors toast Putin at Russia & CIS Forum in NY
Russian Assets Russian Companies write off their assets in Iraq
Romania's DPE DPE presents details on Petrom Oil to IMF, WB
US Investment Americans in no hurry to invest in Russia
Ukrainian Politics Yushchenko continues to top presidential rating polls in March
Debt To Bulgaria US Embassy vows help for repayment of Iraq's debt to Bulgaria
Czech Media Zelezny speaks out on Stockholm arbitation
Russia on Iraq Ivanov Says War Won't Get Legitimacy
Russian Oil Interests U.S. Ambassador denies U.S. covets Iraqi Oil
Djindjic Assassination Serbian police shoot and kill Zemun clan leaders
Sanpaolo IMI Italian bank looks to expand in Hungary
Romania's Petrom BP joins Lukoil in bid for Petrom
Polish Business Will spring result in a wave of bankruptcies?
Money Laundering Russia creates own Financial Blacklist
Polish Bank’s Profits Down BRE Bank reports net profits for first quarter
Iraq Putin stresses need to avoid conflict with U.S.
European Union Serbia & Montenegro becomes 45th member of the Council of Europe
Hungary Pannonplast Rt concludes deal with Philips
Ceska Revitalizacni Court annuls Union Banka’s bankruptcy
Polsat Zygmunt Solorz becomes head of Elektrim supervisory board
Russian Oil Rosneft goes after 'British' oil
Iraq War Debate Rages on Reconstructing Iraq
Kazakh Banking S&P raises BankTuranAlem to BB-
Polish Banking PKO BP and PZU to form national champion?
Croatia Bank Austria Creditanstalt to become sole owner of HVB Bank Croatia
Czech Election Update Poll puts CSSD 3% ahead of ODS
Hungary Hungarian referendum: 83% back EU Accession
Russian Oil Yukos Tops LUKoil for No. 1 Spot
Kazakh Banking Moody’s assigns Baa3 rating to Kazkommerts International B.V. notes
Union Banka bankruptcy Judge Jiri Berka taken into custody
Forbes Hungary's MOL on annual 'A-list' of 400 large corporations
Sergei Yushenkov Liberal Legislator gunned down
Tesco, Energis, GSK Britain in top spot on Polish FDI list for 2002
Mikhail Kasyanov Russia: Iraq deals must be kept
Kazakh Media Opposition Newspaper Editor Erokhin assaulted
Romanian Banking Commercial banks should be more cautious in lowering interest rates
Russian Debt Schroeder Slashes Russia's GDR debt
Russia - US Cooperation on Terrorism Bush to press Putin on Iran
Czech Engineering Vagonka moves production to Romania
European Aluminium Le Belier (Fr) and Livnica Kikinda (SM) set up joint venture
Poland's Zelmer Privatization of last state-owned white goods producer
Russian Economy OECD sees Russian economic growth at 5% for 2003
Baltic States Tallin city government signs E20m agreement with Nordic Investment Bank
Romanian Reforms Credit rating may be improved say S&P
Kazakhstan Western companies spoil Chinese plans to join Kashagan deposit exploration
Czech Politics Cabinet announces vast reform to reduce budget deficit
Mikhail Kasyanov Russia: Iraq deals must be kept
Polish Energy PKN Orlen likely to post bumper Q1 profit
Russian Corruption Study Corruption continues to take a huge bite out of Russian Economy
Vadim Naidenov Troitsk Mayor gunned down
World Bank Bulgaria risks losing $150 million loan
Kazakhstan Moody’s assigns Ba3/NP foreign currency deposit ratings to Caspian Bank
Czech Media Further suit filed against TV Nova
Hungary ÁPV expects Ft 100bn from upcoming sale of 3 state-owned banks
Russian Economy Putin lays out the next 7 years
Estonia Ericsson awarded contract by Eesti Telefon
Kazakhstan Government plans to sell state stake in CNPC-Aktobemunaigas oil company
Czech Republic Union Banka clients transfer almost 50% of deposits to GE Capital Bank
Serbia IFC claims USD 69mn from Vojvodjanska banka
EU Membership Meeting Foreign Ministers meet in Warsaw
Hungarian Banking Italy's UniCredito seeks to expand into Hungary
Russian Energy UES adopts a 5-year breakup plan
Slovakian Telecoms Moody's upgrades EuroTel to Ba2 from B1
Romania Canadian and British investors join forces to defend business interests
Serbia, IMF Central Bank Governor Dinkic satisfied with talks with IMF
Czech National Property Fund McKinsey&Company, West LB and EEIP to be advisers in privatisation of Unipetrol
Poland Deputy Minister accused of bribery attempt
St. Petersburg U.S. and Russia move past Iraq to Iran
Russian Media Anatolii Chubais departs from TVS
Kazkommertsbank EBRD purchases 15% stake in Kazkommertsbank for USD 30.6mn
Czech Finance Minister Jiri Rusnok to discuss FNM's decision on CEZ
Czech Banking Moody's places Komercni Banka on rating watch positive
Croatian Telecoms Mobilkom Austria in agreement to purchase 19% interest in VIPnet
Igor Klimov Double murder in Russian Defense Industry
EU Accession Poles vote yes to EU accession in landslide voting
Daniyal Akhmetov New Kazakh Prime Minister chosen
Hungarian Media Germany´s WAZ Group buys 75% of HVG
Serbia EIB approves E50m loan to improve infrastructure and equipment in hospitals
Polish Oil Naftobazy to takeover Orlen's logistics before sale?
Russian Banking Deutsche Bank, UFG Near Deal
EU Accession 77 percent of Czechs vote for EU accession
Sailors Sentenced Russian sailors sentenced for stealing antiaircraft-missile system
FSU Energy U.S. voices concern over crime ties in Russian, Ukrainian Energy Sectors
Hungary Raiffeisen Bank Rt increases interest rates
Tony Oates Poland to extradite former associate of Alan Bond wanted for embezzlement
Czech Republic Fitch improves Czech Republic´s rating
Bulgaria, Romania EU supports closing of accession talks with Bulgaria, Romania next year
Russia Yukos' market capitalization hits $30Bln
Czech Interior Ministry Report: "Security Situation in the Czech Republic in 2000"
Serbia & Montenegro EC appropriated E350m for Serbia in EU pre-accession assistance for 2003
Kazakhstan CPC signs oil transportation agreement with CNPC-Aktobemunaigas
Hungary Number of active mobile phone users grew by 80,000 in May
Former Hungarian Legislator Jailed Zoltan Szekely sentenced to six years for bribery
Polish Politics Agriculture Minister Adam Tanski quit on 26-Jun-03
Evergreen U.S. finds Russian Ring guilty of $100m fraud
Ukrainian Politics Yushchenko remains most trusted politician – poll
European Union S-M with slim chance to sign SAA with EU this year, probably at end-2004
Central Europe Will Samsung choose Poland or Czech Republic?
Kazakh Banking Moody’s assigns first time E+/B1/NP ratings to Alfa Bank Kazakhstan
Hungarian Energy MOL accused of selling Rotary too cheap
Russia Suicide bombers strike rock concert - 13 dead, 50 injured
SE Europe EU Chief tells Balkan countries to 'Tear down Walls'
Kazakh Banking Kazakhstan Development Bank to increase its equity by USD 52mn
Rome Declaration Russia, NATO formalize new relations
Slovakia / EU Finance Minister Miklos reiterates government’s goal to adopt euro as soon as possible
Romania BMD wins negotiations for construction of highway
Illegal Arms Czech Republic singled out again as source of illegal arms
Russian Investment FSC: Corporate Changes 'Dramatic'
Czech Energy Czech CEZ to Submit Bid for Slovenske Elektrarne in a Few Days
Ukraine Politics Ukrainian Parliament 'Explains' the Law
S/M Corruption Security Advisor and Former Chief of the Prime Minister's Office Accused of Money Laundering
Kazakh Investment Loan Portfolio of KDB to Grow Annually by USD 120-140mn
Poland Citigroup's CEO Resigns
Russian Media Television Reporter Alikhan Guliyev Shot Dead
Russia-EU Summit Failure to solve Kaliningrad Conundrum
Romanian EU Accession Romanian Foreign Minister Reassured
S/M Exports EU Extends Ban on Sugar Exports
Hungarian Wage Hikes 2004's Wage Rises Linked to Planned Tax Changes
Kazakh Oil/Energy Kazakhstan To Co-finance Oil Pipeline Construction
Czech Republic Telecom Rival Calls for UOHS Conditions
Russian Arms Russia Gets Ballistic Missiles From Ukraine
Hungarian Politics Conservatives Rally To Defend Radio President
Czech Republic Leasing Companies Fear New Sobotka Tax Plan
S/M Sugar Strikes Sugar Enterprises Go On Strike in Protest of Government Policy
Romanian Oil/Energy Romania Approves Sell-off Strategy For SNP Petrom
Planned Takeover of Poland’s TD Deutsche Telekom eyes Telefonia Dialog
Kazakh Telecom Telecom Monopoly Kazakhtelecom To Attract USD 25mn Loan
Russian News Truck Blast Razes Hospital, 50 Dead
Ukraine Suspect in Slaying of Ukrainian Opposition Journalist Dies
Bosnia / Herzegovina USAID Donates USD 7.1mn to BiH to Aid Infrastructure
Czech Banking Komercni Banka to Sell Claim on Vaclav Fischer to Atlantik FT
Serbia/Montenegro Blockades of Major Highways and Bridges Continue
Hungarian Oil/Energy MOL Makes Bid For a 79.5% Stake in Beopetrol
Russian News 6 Soldiers Die in Convoy Ambush
Croatian Politics Controversial Croatian Arms Dealer to Run for Prime Minister
Slovakian Investment Economy Ministry Proposes Financial Aid to Foreign and Domestic Investors
President Aleksander Kwasniewski Daewoo-FSO seek help from Polish President
Ukraine Presidential Amnesty Extends to More Than 30,000 Ukrainians
Serbia/Montenegro Banking Central Bank Repeats Withdrawal of Kapital Banka’s Operating License
Czech Republic Prime Minister Spidla Trying to Prevent Teacher Strike
Russian Oil/Energy Ministry Approves YukosSibneft Merger
Russian News Helicopter Found, No Survivors
Czech Industry & Trade Japanese Investors send Government A To-Do List
Croatian Politics Croatia And Slovenia To Address Issues
Romanian News Romanian Nationalist Party To Sue State
Hungary Budapest Tram Explodest
Serbia/Montenegro Oil/Energy Lukoil Bids For Beopetrol, Wins Tender
Russian Money Laundering Task force sniffs trail of dirty money
Bulgarian / Russian Economic Cooperation Bulgarian, Russian Prime Ministers talk trade
Serbia / Montenegro Serbian Deputy PM Seeks To Clear Name Of Privatisation Scheme Accusations
Poland Poles Demonstrate Against Unemployment And Poverty
Croatia's EU Accession FM Tonino Picula Said That UN Resolution Requires Croatia's Full Co-operation
Ukrainian Politics MP Omelchenko Initiates Impeachment Procedure Against President Kuchma
Czech Corruption Anti-bribe Proposal Declared ´Ineffective´
Russian News Nuclear Submarine Sinks, 9 Men Lost
Bosnia/Herzegovina EU To Take Over Bosnian Mission With Or Without U.S. Approval
Hungarian Politics Golden Shares To Face Strict Limits
Russian Politics Grozny Television Station Shuts Down
Southeast Europe Air Traffic Between Serbia And Croatia To Be Re-established Following A Break Of Over 10 Years
World Bank’s Annual Report World Bank reportedly urging Sberbank to privatize
Polish Media Elektrim And Vivendi Given More Time Over Era Purchase
Kazakhstan Oil & Gas Eni Spa Announces Plans To Boost Investments In Kashagan To $10bn
Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Wants To Join ASEAN
Ukrainian EU Integration Plan To Bring Ukraine Closer To EU To Be Ready By Spring 2004
Central Europe Hungary To Test Investor Confidence
Serbia/Montenegro Serbian Government Dismisses The General Manager Of State Telecom Company PTT Srbija
Russian Politics Putin Calms Lukashenko Over Gas And Ruble
Polish Media US Broadcaster SBS To Sell Stake In TVN
S/E Europe Memorandum Signed To Determine Soviet Union's Debt
Hungarian Oil/Energy MOL Signs Letter Of Intent For Petrom
Serbian Software Market Microsoft to offer incentives
Bosnian News Former Bosnian President In Critical Condition
Baltics Baltic Russians Pose Challenge to the EU
Czech Republic IPB Bank Files Lawsuit Against Czech Republic
Russian Politics Russia Not Planning To Send Troops To Iraq
Lithuania Lithuania Satisfied With Talks With Russia On Rocket Fuel Transit
Serbia/Montenegro Opposition Editor Jailed In Embezzlement Case
Ukraine Politics Ukrainian European Integration Minister Khoroshkovsy Not To Resign
Polish Media DT Pulls Out Of Buying PTC Due To Conflicts In Elektrim
Russian Oil/Energy Gazprom Off Reform Agenda
Czech Republic Spidla´s Cabinet Survives Vote Of Confidence
Polish President in Moscow Kwasniewski against Kaliningrad visa-free corridor
Southeast Europe Croatia Declares 'Fishing And Ecological Zone' In The Adriatic
Czech Republic ´Pirate Of Prague´ Indicted For Fraud In U.S.
Kazakhstan Politics Kazakhstan Confirms Foreign-Policy Balancing Act.
S/M Breweries Carlsberg To Take Over 51% Of Celarevo Brewery
Polish Media Prokom Out Of The Race For Major TPSA Contract
Russian Oil/Energy Yukos Sells Its 50.5% of Kopeika
Polish Banking Investments Commerzbank Calls For The Sale Of Shares
Kazakhstan Oil/Energy Kazakhstan-China Gas Pipeline Study To Be Ready In 2004
Serbia / Montenegro New Draft Information Law Criticized
Czech Republic EU Executive Set To Blast Czech Public Tender Record
Czech Elections Communists (KSCM) in third place in poll
Romania Petromidia Named "The Best Refinery in Central and Eastern Europe" By WRA
Russian News Gunmen Target Former Avtobank Executive
Serbia / Montenegro Discussions on EBRD's participation in privatisation of Serbian state-owned banks
Poland Volkswagen & FIAT to export 250,000 vehicles from Poland next year
Russian Oil Exports Europe Presses Russia on Euro
Romania - IMF Romania to draw remaining $158m from IMF immediately
Hungary MOL sells MOL-Chem
Vasily Shakhnovsky Second Yukos Billionaire Faces Prison
Southeast Europe Alija Izetbegovic Dies At 78
The Baltics Lithuanian Central Bank Allows Russians To Control Snoras Bank
Russian Economy U.S. grants Russia market economy status
Czech Republic Jaroslav Mil Removed From The Post Of CEZ Chairman
Ukraine Relations Ukraine, Krasnodar Authorities Criticized By Kasyanov Over Tuzla Dam Construction
Russian Politics Khodorkovsky Arrested On 7 Charges
Polish Banking Questions Raised Over The Future Of PBK Inwestycje
Southeast Europe Stormy Protests In Serbian Capital
Ukraine Defense Ukrainian Border Guards Preparing To Spend Winter At Tuzla Island
Croatian Accession Croatia To Join NATO In 2006?
Czech Banking EU Officials: Czech Banks Can Keep The Bail-Out Cash
Russian Politics Kremlin Tempers Attack On Yukos
Hungarian Oil & Gas Lukoil Invests Big In Hungary
Mosenergo’s Yevstafiev Investigated Chubais associate target of corruption probe
Ukraine-Azerbaijan Ukrainian Premier and Azeri President Agree On Future Caspian Oil Supplies
Bosnian Media Public Broadcasting Imbroglio
Polish Business Investment State Treasury: 7.5% Stake In TPSA Telecoms Up For Sale
Russian Oil/Gas Ministry Targets Yukos Oil Fields
Southeast Europe Serbian Government Steps Up Propaganda Campaign Over Kosova
Czech Politics Kalousek Is New Head Of KDU-CSL
Caucasus Republics Georgian Talks Left In Disarray
Hungarian Business Investments House Adopts Tax Changes
Southeast Europe Serbian President Dissolves Parliament
Polish Energy Ministry Relaunches Talks Over G-8 Sale
Money Laundering Legislation New law passed in Yugoslavia
Russian Politics Oligarchs Bow To Putin's New Deal
Croatian EU Accession EC Supports Croatia
Slovak Republic Slovak President Vetoes Flat Tax
Russian Economy Economy could grow more than 6.6% in 2003 - Dvorkovich
Polish Automotives Polish Government meets with Deputy President of Rover (UK)
Georgia British, Turkish diplomats say stability in Georgia important
Czech Republics CEZ group posts CZK 13.2 bln in consolidated net profits
Russian Energy Abramovich Halts Sibneft-Yukos Merger
Georgia Former Georgian Opposition Leader Launches Presidential Campaign
Yukos Kudrin Backs New $5Bln Yukos Probe
Intrigue at Slavneft Russian Interior Ministry commences investigation
Kazakhstan German Chancellor Schroeder visits Kazakhstan
Bulgaria Government backs MinFin's proposals for 2004 budget
Czech Republic UOHS allows 3 companies of Vaclav Fischer to merge with K&K Capital
Poland PM Miller in hospital after helicopter crash-lands near Warsaw
Russian Elections United Russia Grabs a Gigantic Lead
Ukraine The Next Revolution?
Poland Parliament calls on Government to stand firm at EU Summit
Czech Republic Metrostav likely to acquire majority stake in Subterra
Lithuania President's opponents gather required signatures for Impeachment
Hungary Siemens move may mean jobs in Hungary
Russian Mafia Nordex is focus of international investigation
Russia Yukos Said to Seek Billions for Sibneft Divorce
Top Story Saddam Hussein Captured by U.S. Army
Ukraine Ukraine Votes to Change Constitution
Ukraine Government takes step towards testing Melnychenko tapes on Gongadze murder
Croatia Croatia's Serbian Leader upbeat on new government
Kazakhstan Kazakhstan hopes for successful joint project with Lukoil in Caspian
Romania Romania to transfer Hussein Regime funds to Iraq
Hungary KEG plans Ft 3.5 bln LPG storage facility
Poland Ryanair enlightenment could put Warsaw in the black
Russia MT Index Points Out Resurgent Confidence
Funding for Uzbekistan World Bank pledges $350 million to Uzbekistan
Polish Decision on Gazprom Debt Poland to pay for Gazprom’s stake in Europolgas
Bulgaria Top Brass wants Military-Intelligence service back
Russia PM says tax on oil companies will not surge
Serbia & Montenegro Serbian Parliament to meet on 27 January
Hungary Colt Telecom to enter Hungarian market
Poland / Ukraine Pipeline to Go Through Poland
Czech Republic Komercni banka (KB) attracted 70k new clients in Czech market 2003
Russia INS Says Court's Decision on Alexander Konanykhin Irrelevant
Serbia & Montenegro East Point Holding critical of Anti-Corruption Council's drive against offshore companies
Romania Lukoil interested in participating in privatisation of SNP Petrom
Bulgaria Bulgarian President sets agenda for domestic issues
Czech Election Results Social Democrats (CSSD) gain most votes
Czech Republic Three shortlisted bidders to bid for state-controlled 63% stake in Unipetrol
Russia Berezovsky Is No Longer Berezovsky
Hungary MOL buys out 98.5% of Slovnaft shares
Georgia Saakashvili Sworn In as New President
Slovakia Meciar announces bid for Slovak Presidency
Bulgaria Russia to double trade with Bulgaria within 5 years
Russia Kremlin Appears to Back RSPP Merger
Romania 26 companies express interest in privatisation of 3 Romanian power holdings
Hungary Parmalat files for bankruptcy
Czech Republic Vladimir Zelezny set to take control of TV Nova
Hungarian Premier Pro-FIDESZ daily says Hungarian PM was secret police agent
Russia Military Planning Nuclear Exercises
Romania EU questions Romanian highway contract
Russia Report: Vimpelcom Probed for Tax Evasion
Ukraine Industrialist criticizes Government's decision on Odesa-Brody
Hungary EBRD-CEB loan for CIB group
Poland Polish Premier opts for early elections if austerity plan collapses
Czech Republic Banks expected to see costs rise because of changes in VAT rules dictated by EU accession
Russia Fiery Metro Explosion Kills at Least 39
Kazakhstan $20Bln Caspian Project Back on Track
Poland Local fuel leader PKN Orlen begins due diligence of Czech oil firm Unipetrol on 3 Feb
Russian Capital Putin calls for repatriation of capital
Romania US and European banks show interest in financing 257-mile highway
Bulgaria Lufthansa and Bulgaria Air considering proposal of joint flights to Frankfurt
Hungary MOL closes 2003 with record profit
Croatia Foreign Minister Zuzul meets with EBRD steering council in London
Russia Rybkin Says He Was Abducted
Lithuania All six allegations against President Paksas endorsed by special commission
Croatia Austrian Chancellor Pledges Support for Croatian EU-Membership Bid
Hungary Hungarian Foreign Minister Rejects 'Two-Speed' Europe
Czech Republic Half of Unipetrol's six subsidiaries show profit in 2003
Belarus Furious Belarus Bows to Gazprom
Putin’s Website Hackers can’t spoil President’s web debut
Poland 'Big Bang' to be followed by a rush of Wizz Air
Russia Foreign Investments Jumped 50% in 2003
Macedonia President's body found in plane wreck
C&E Europe European Commission says fears of immigrants from new EU members is unfounded
Hungary MOL share sale demonstrates return of investor confidence, says Draskovics
Romania EU increases pressure on Romania to implement economic and political reforms
Poland Gazprom may offer compensation for break in gas supplies
Czech Republic Cesky Telecom shows CZK 1.8 bn loss in 2003 due to assets write-off
Russia Foreign Investments Jumped 50% in 2003
Russia Ownership Structure of NIKoil Revealed
Czech Businessmen Czech delegation in St. Petersburg
Romania High-Ranking Official Detained on Suspicion of Corruption
Bulgaria CEDB and Raiffeisenbank-Bulgaria sign E20m agreement signed on financing SMEs
Ukraine Parliament gives early backing to purely proportional elections
Russia Menatep Chief Dies in Chopper Crash
Poland Poland sees room for 4th mobile operator, will announce tender for new frequencies
Hungary Entering ERM-2 requires national rethink
Czech Republic Cabinet cancels tenders for brown coal mining companies
Ukraine Communist Leader wants Madeleine Albright barred from entering
Serbia & Montenegro EBRD to continue supporting Serbia in the energy, mining and rail sectors
Bulgaria Privatisation of Bulgartabac to start Jun-04
Czech Election ODS leadership to offer to resign
Croatia Croatian President Presses for EU Membership
Hungary Siemens may move production to Hungary
Poland Ciech chemical concern to be floated on Warsaw Stock Exchange
Czech Republic Claiming CET 21 ownership, Zelezny removes current TV Nova CEO Petr Dvorak
Russia Early Returns Give Putin 70 Percent
Georgia Saakashvili Strikes Bargain in Adzharia
Bulgaria Bulgarian Minister Warns Government over EU Entry Date
Slovakia FM Ivan Miklos: Tax Reform Attractive For Investors
Lithuania Row over President Impeachment Likely To Continue Until After EU Accession in May
Poland Kompania Weglowa to Benefit zl.600 Million from Sector Merger
Yamal-Europe Pipeline Prosecutors charge five in Poland
Serbia & Montenegro Anti-Muslim Violence Rocks Serbia
Czech Republic Austria’s Oberbank to Be First Foreign Bank to Enter CR after EU Accession
Russia Court Keeps Khodorkovsky in Jail until May
Poland Prime Minister Miller Resigns
Ukraine Ukraine Says Several Hundred Missiles Are Missing
Southeast Europe Uneasy Calm after the Storm
Hungary Matav Makes Bold Moves
Georgia Allies of Georgian Leader Win Big
Croatia Croatia Gives U.S. the Cold Shoulder
Czech Republic Government Chooses New Owners for Sokolovska Uhelna, OKD Mining Companies
Czech Banking Unicredito Italiano confirms formal offer for Zivnostenska Banka
Russia Yukos Initiates Sibneft Shareholders Meeting
Belarus Belarus and Russia Fail to Agree on Shifting Belarus to Russian Rouble
Serbia & Montenegro U.S. Blocks Aid to Serbia and Montenegro
Poland WSE Moves Slowly to Privatization
Bosnia & Herzegovina Driving Volkswagen Out of Bosnia
Czech Republic No Decision on Advisor for Cesky Telecom Privatization Before End April
Russia Duma Rethinks Ban on Protests
Poland Farm Insurance Market Set to Collapse
Romania Transparency International Criticizes Romania’s Anticorruption Progress
Slovenia Slovenian Governing Coalition Totters
Foreigners in Russia State Duma passes law on status of foreigners
Czech Republic President Vetoes Bills on VAT, Real Estate Tax
Ukraine U.S. Trial Details Corruption in Kiev
Bosnia & Herzegovina Spain Asks Bosnia to Investigate Possible Link in Madrid Bombings
Poland EU Challenges Government in Eureko-PZU Conflict
Georgia Georgia Doesn't Intend to Withdraw Troops from Iraq
Hungary EU Solvit Centers to be Established in Hungary
Russia Methane Blast Kills at Least 42 Miners
Czech Republic Grid Operator CEPS Considers Buying 34 % of Own Shares from CEZ
Lithuania Life After Paksas?
Bosnia & Herzegovina Bosnia’s High Representative Slams Serbian Obstruction of Massacre Investigation
PwC Gazprom Audit PricewaterhousCoopers vows to contest lawsuit over audit
G-7 and Russia Russia gains full place at G-8 table
Poland Belka Given Boost by Oleksy's Resignation
Ukraine President Kuchma Submits Bill to Parliament Lowering VAT Rate from 20% to 15%
Serbia & Montenegro Serbia’s Governing Coalition Picks its Presidential Candidate
Hungary APV Announces 2004 Privatization Plan
Russia Vyugin Warns of Market Bubble
Belarus Two More Belarusian NGOs Dissolved
Czech Republic Parliament Overrides Veto, Approves Amendment to VAT Bill
Croatia European Commission Recommends Membership Talks with Croatia
Russia Duma Rapidly Raises Oil Taxes
Hungary PKN Likely Buyer of Unipetrol
Czech Television Police investigate bugging, hidden cameras
Bulgaria Bulgarian Parties Half-Agree On Iraq
Poland Blighted Land, Indeed
Ukraine Ukraine to Spend Over $1Bln on Military Reform in 2005
Ukraine Kuchma Calls on the EU to Make a Decision
Hungary State to Sell Richter Stake
Georgia Adjar Leader Says He Will Not Resign
Czech Republic Government Approves Sale of Unipetrol to PKN Orlen
Bulgaria Bulgarian Minister Says Larger EU is ‘Unpredictable’
Russia Halliburton Man to Sub for Khodorkovsky
Poland 2004’s Growth Set to Outstrip Older EU Nations
Debt to Bulgaria Russian government approves agreement on $132.5m debt
Latvia Latvia to Expel Russian Envoy
Ukraine US Decides to Prolong Economic Sanctions Against Ukraine
Czech Republic Anti-Monopoly Office Blocks Sale of State’s Stake in OKD
Serbia & Montenegro Several Companies Express Interest in Acquiring Rubber and Producer Trayal
Poland Fitch Lowers Forecast and Puts Poland at Bottom of EU Entrants
Georgia Tbilisi Takes Back Adzharia
Hungary KPN to Sell Telecom Activities to HTTC
Southeast Europe Albanian, Macedonian Officials Discuss NATO, EU Membership
Russia Poll: Putin All Right, Officials All Wrong
Romania EU Enlargement Commissioner Impressed with Romania’s Accession Efforts
Baltic States Prime Ministers hope for EU-accession in 2004
Czech Republic FNM Approves CSFB/CS as Privatization Advisor for Sale of Cesky Telecom
Georgia Abkhazia Anticipates New Georgian Aggression
Hungary Government Sets 2010 as Euro Zone Entry Date
Ukraine Severstal Accuses Ukrainian Government of Discriminating in the Krivorozhstal Privatisation
Southeast Europe Montenegrin President Says Independence Would Speed up EU Integration
Russia Gref Says Chechnya Will Be Easy to Fix
Poland Tel-Energo Proclaims Plan to Shed Stake in Polkomtel
Poland Huta Czestochowa to be Investigated by the EC
Ukraine Ukrainian Prosecutors Launch Bribery Case against Opposition Leader
Czech Republic Pharmaceuticals Firm Zentiva Plans IPO on Prague Stock Exchange
Russian Debt Strong Euro increases Russian indebtedness
Belarus Government Set to Nationalise 30.9% in Cellular Operator Mobile Digital Communications
Russia Lebedev Trial Opens, New Fines Requested
Hungary Vienna, Budapest Bourses Take First Step Toward Consolidation
Kazakhstan Kazakh Legislators Ratify Agreement with China on Military Activities
Romania Government to Re-denominate Currency
Romania Mud Flies in Romanian Electoral Campaign
Czech Republic FNM: Sale of Unipetrol to PKN on Track for Completion in Coming Days
Bosnia & Herzegovina NATO To Transform Military Structure in Bosnia
Russia Lukoil Stake for Sale
Poland PZU Warms to SMEs in a Saturated Market
Bosnia NATO raids Radovan Karadzic’s house
Georgia Aeroflot Wants to Buy Georgian Flag Carrier
Hungary Energy Office to Propose Flat Gas Price
Ukraine Underpaid, Underqualified, and Under the Gun
Southeast Europe An Agreement Has Been Reached on Division of Former Yugoslavia's Assets and Liabilities
Czech Republic Cesky Mobil Mobile Operator Has Filed a Lawsuit against its Two Rivals
Ukraine Kiev Says Seized Ukrainian Arms Shipment is ‘Normal Cargo’
Slovakia Slovak Government to Offer 41 % Stake in Power Distributor ZSE to E.ON
Poland Peasants' Belka Replacement Plan Rejected as Early Elections Cause Commotion
Croatia High Society Arrests
Georgia Georgia, Transneft Mull Back Sea-Turkey Pipeline
Ukrainian Pipeline Russia seeks large stake in gas pipeline
Russia Reagan Mourned in Former 'Evil Empire'
Czech Republic Ten Foreign Banks Plan Entry to Czech Market after EU Accession
Ukraine Kiev Moves to Nationalize MTS Stake
Romania First Round of Romanian Elections Present Mixed Picture
Poland If Parliament Rejects Belka this Time Round, it’s a General Election for Sure
Estonia TeliaSonera Accused of Manipulating the Markets in an Attempt to Buy 36% Stake in Eesti Telekom
Hungary Fidesz Topping EP Polls
Serbia & Montenegro The Radical and the Rest
Russia Yukos Relieved of Drug Lawsuit
Belarus EU Envoys Call on Belarusian Lawmakers to End Hunger Strike
Czech Finance Ministry State Budget Deficit put at $2.7bn
Serbia & Montenegro EBRD: S&M Must Reform its Market Institutions in Order to Raise Investment
Russia Yukos Chiefs Brought To Trial
Hungary Siemens’ Move to Hungary Vindicated
Georgia Adzharia Votes for a Pro-Tbilisi Parliament
Croatia Croatia Will Begin EU Membership Negotiations in 2005
Poland Arrival of the Samurai
Slovakia Gasparovic Takes Presidential Oath of Office
Hungary BÉT Chair to be Asked to Step Down
Georgia South Ossetia Agrees to Talks with Georgia
Poland Belka Wins Parliamentary Vote of Confidence
Baskir Airlines Swiss air-traffic controllers blamed for catastrophe
Bosnia & Herzegovina Mixed EUphoria
Kazakhstan OSCE to Send Observers to Kazakh Elections
Czech Republic Unipetrol to Offer 51 % of CeRa to IOC Consortium
Russia Way Seen Open for Yukos Endgame
Serbia & Montenegro Montenegrin Privatisation Council to Sell Kombinat Aluminijuma Podgorica
Serbia & Montenegro Serbian President’s Party Still Wants No Part in Government
Romania Power Firm CEZ Confirms Interest in Two Romanian Power Distributors
Ukraine In and Out of the Cold
Hungary MOL Expands to Kazakhstan
Georgia Georgian Parliament Passes New Law on Adjara
Hungarian President’s Statement Commission to investigate PM’s past as counterintelligence officer
Poland Deputy Minister Resigns as Belka Begins to Break Promises to Business
Estonia Hansabank and TietoEnator (Fin) IT Company Signs Agreement to Establish a Joint Venture
Russia Police Surround Yukos Headquarters
Bulgaria A Consortium Acquires Mobiltel Holding for 1.2bn Euros in Cash
Georgia Tensions Rise in South Ossetia
Hungary Auchan to Merge Hungarian Subsidiaries
Ukraine Ukrainian President Criticizes EU'S Neighborhood Policy
Poland NIK Slams Miller for Bungling Reworked Yamal Gas Agreement
Kazakhstan Kazakhstan to Triple Uranium Production by 2010
Czech Republic Gets Go-ahead to Sell its Stakes in CEZ, Cesky Telecom
CIS, NATO forces CIS, NATO antiterrorist forces are complimentary, Russians say
New Moscow Museum Museum of Car Theft opens
Russia Marshals Move In on Yukos Assets
Poland ZA Pulawy - IPO or Sector Consolidation via PKN Orlen?
Russia Ally Offers to Bail Out Yukos
Czech Republic Czech Republic to Apply for Entry to EU's Schengen Area
Serbia and Montenegro Serbia and Montenegro's FM Wants to Drop Lawsuit against NATO
Belarus Belarus Closes Office of Russia Television
Hungary 3G Mobile Tender Winners to be Selected by December
Romania Romania to Sign Privatisation Contract for SNP Petrom with OMV
Kazakhstan Kazakh President Calls for Balanced Election Coverage
Belarus OSCE Warns Minsk of 'Tension' in Belarusian-EU Relations
Ukraine - Donetsk Fire kills 35 in coal mine
Czech Republic/Slovakia CEZ Wants Slovenske Elektrarne Minus Two Nuclear Reactors and Gabcikovo
Ukraine PM: Ukraine Not Ready for NATO Membership
Hungary OTP Completes Purchase of RoBank
Latvia Ryanair to Start Daily Flights to Riga from London, Frankfurt and Tampere in October
Russia Svyazinvest, Aeroflot Slated for Sale
Poland Belka's Controversial Appointments; Orlen Ananicz; Radziwill; Minor
Serbia and Montenegro UN Rejects Serbian Charges over Elections in Kosova
Ukraine President: Ukraine Still Seeks Membership in EU, NATO
Czech Republic CEZ Finds No Buyer for CEPS Stake, Starts Negotiations with FinMin
Bulgaria Consortia to Be Allowed To Join the Bidding Process for Bulgaria Air
Günter Verheugen Visits Poland Optimistic message on issue of EU negotiations
Serbia and Montenegro Sordid?
Hungary Consortium Wins Ft 85 bln M6 Tender
Russia Court Reverses Yugansk Arrest
Belarus Greece Bans Belarusian Sports Minister
Poland Warsaw-Wilanow Corruption Scandal May Have Incorporated Money Laundering
Czech Republic Court Bans Trading of HPH Shares
Ukraine Court Dismisses Lawsuit Against Sale of 51% of UMC Shares by Ukrtelecom
Poland Only Air Passengers Escape Surprise Price Hikes after EU Accession
Russia Dresdner Bank Set To Value Yukos Unit
Hungary Kovacs New EU Energy Commissioner
Ceska pojistovna CP submits bid for 55% in Slovak bank Postova banka
Croatia Building the Road to a Market Economy
Georgia Shooting Breaks Ossetia Truce
Slovakia Slovak Activists launch Anti-EU Constitution Drive
Poland Sejm Commission is stonewalled over Investigation of Ex-PKN Orlen Boss
Ukraine President Kuchma Orders Halt to the Sale of Ukrtelekom and Odessa Port Plant
Slovenia Slovenia's Election Campaign: Pre-Election Bonanza
Georgia Georgian Troops Withdraw
Romania Romanian Premier Says EU Must Become Involved in Resolving Transdniester Conflict
Hungary Government Crisis follows Reshuffle
Russia China Offers to Pay for Yukos' Fare
Slavneft Case Closed Police close investigation into 2 senior executives
Slovakia Tender for 66% Stake in Slovenske Elektrarne may be Suspended or Cancelled
Romania Romania to Sue Ukraine over Danube Delta Canal
CIS/FSU Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan to begin Single Economic Zone in 2005
Czech Republic Government Wins Confidence Vote
Russia Conoco Said in Talks for 25% of LUKoil
Poland Premier Pushes for All-party Meeting to Solve PZU-Eureko Conflict
Belarus Belarusian Opposition Politician Faces New Criminal Charge
Hungary MOL May Seek Partner in Gas Division
Slovakia CEZ Submits its Adjusted Bid for the Purchase of Slovenske Elektrarne
Kazakhstan Kazakh Court Dismisses Opposition Lawsuits
CSOB Group CSOB to become CSOB Asset Management Group
Czech Republic Agip, ConocoPhillips Join Shell in Giving Up Options to Raise Stakes in CeRa Refinery
Belarus OSCE Starts Monitoring Belarusian Elections
Poland Companies Lose Out on EU Grants Due to Bungling Government Bureaucracy
Lithuania Achema Group Receives Approval for its Acquisitions of Baltijos TV
Hungary MOL to Start Talks with Bidders
Russia Over 300 Killed in School Carnage
Hungary Deficit Overshoot Confirmed, Mid-income Tax to be ditched
Kazakhstan Campaign-Violations Charges Fly in Run-Up to Kazakh Elections
Slovakia Slovak Government Approves Plan to Adopt Euro in 2009
Belarus EU May Punish Minsk for Lukashenko Referendum
Merger Proposed Evrofinance and Mosnarbank negotiating merger
Poland Sejm Stalls IPO
Bulgaria E.ON Energie Signs Contract to Buy the North-eastern Bulgarian Power Distribution Companies
Russia Painful Search for Beslan's Missing
Georgia South Ossetian Leader Calls for Merger of South/North Ossetia
Poland UkrTransNafta and PERN Przyjazn plan Pipeline to bring Caspian Oil from Ukraine to Poland
Southeast Europe EU Warns Albania Over Reforms
Slovakia Slovak State to Retain Majorities in Transpetrol, SPP
Russia Basayev Says He Was Behind Beslan
Hungary Anger over Alleged Land Law Liberalization
Belarus A Moment Long Expected
West-East Gas Venture Plan to construct West-East pipeline through China
Serbia/Montenegro FPP Balkan Buys around 25% of Shares from Knjaz Milos
Belarus Belarus to cancel tax privileges for companies with foreign capital in 2005
Czech Republic/Slovakia CEZ Still sees Chance to Acquire Slovenske Elektrarne
Georgia President Outlines Peace Plan for Abkhazia, South Ossetia
Poland Prime Minister Belka to reveal Names of Politicians Accused of Law Breaking
Bulgaria Supreme Court Decides to proceed with the case of Bulgaria's Third GSM License
Hungary Government to Levy 25% Tax on Share Capital Gains
Russia Putin Says State Firms Can Buy Yukos Assets
Slovakia Enel Confirmed as the Recommended Purchaser of 66% Stake in Slovenske Elektrarne
Georgia Georgia Decries Economic Impact of Closed Border with Russia
Sergei Ivanov on Baltic States Defense Minister lashes out against NATO expansion
Serbia & Montenegro Montenegrin President Promotes Idea of Union of Two Independent States
Czech Republic/Slovakia CEZ to bid for Romanian Power Stations
Hungary Dunaferr Sale Closed
Southeast Europe Slovenia & Croatia: Crossing the Line
Russia 2nd Leak Puts Fair Price on Yugansk
Serbia/Montenegro Serbian President Denies He is trying to Topple Government
Czech Republic/Slovakia Government contacts over 30 Potential Cesky Telecom Bidders
Poland Minister Unveils Latest Ideas for Energy Sector Privatization
Bulgaria Phillip Morris withdraws tender to sell Bulgartabac
Russia Yugansk Licenses Safe for 3 Months
Russian Bottled Water Nestle Waters Group buys Svyatoi Istochnik
Hungary Demszky Resigns MEP Post
Slovakia From Black Hole to Leading Light
Bulgaria Russia likely to agree to the Construction of Burgas-Alexandroupolis Gas Pipeline
Czech Republic/Slovakia CEZ to bid for Romanian Power Stations
Serbia/Montenegro Serbian President says Government Misused Funds for Political Purposes
Hungary Hiller replaces Kovacs
Belarus Exit Poll Mess as Belarussians Vote
Poland Tiger at the EIB Forum
Croatia A Euroskeptic Candidate?
Russia New Threat to Yukos Licenses Issued
Belarus Minsk Bars U.S. Senators from Visiting Belarus before Elections
Czech Politics Parliamentary Committee for Media elected
Czech Republic FinMin sees no Reason for Delay in Adoption of Euro
Georgia Defense Minister comments on new Arms-Theft Scandal
Serbia/Montenegro Naftna asks for Lukoil and MOL Assistance against Pancevo Oil Refinery
Russia Duma Ratifies Kyoto Protocol
Belarus Belarus Rues U.S. Move
Poland Secret Service Note names President in Spy Scandal
Romania Fighting for 5 Percent
Croatia NATO General urges Croatia to Continue Army Reform
Ukraine Exit Poll Shows Yushchenko in Lead
Southeast Europe On the Back Burner
Polish Construction Firm Piasecki Record trading losses suffered through bad press
Poland GE in Official Talks about Investments Totaling Billions
Georgia Abkhaz Court Reverses on Vote
Hungary State Finally to sell Stake in Antenna
Russia Electoral Reform Is Bazaar
Georgia Georgia declines Chechen Offer to restore Order in Pankisi Gorge
Serbia EU continues to urge Serbia to Cooperate with The Hague
Czech Republic Czech Officials reject call to Harmonize Corporate Tax Rates in EU Member States
Russia Yukos to Ponder Bankruptcy
Poland Ministers appeal to Senators to overturn 50% Income Tax Rate
Ukraine Ukrainian TV Channel under Fire
Money Laundering Hawala remains cornerstone of underground banking system
Hungary MOL announces Sell-off of Gas Arm for €2.2 billion
Ukraine Putin makes Second Visit to support Ukrainian Presidential Candidate
Poland Ciech appears to opt for mid January IPO
Belarus Yukos' Shares in Sibneft Frozen
Hungary Gazprom sharing Gas Business with E.ON
Georgia Abkhaz President's Office Is Seized
Bosnia & Herzegovina VAT Spat: Financing Bosnia
Czech Republic/Slovakia CNB warns on Slow Pace of Reforms ahead of Euro Adoption
Southeastern Europe Serbian Military sticks to its Version of Army Killings
Hungary Malev Tender Scrapped
Czech Former Foreign Ministry Official Held Karel Srba held on suspicion of contracting murder of journalist
Ukraine Georgia’s Long Shadow
Poland Banks, IT and Oil Gain in Q3 - but there's a catch
Russia Yugansk Goes on the Block for $8.6 Bln
Czech Republic/Slovakia Euro: ABN Amro Poised to leave Czech Retail Banking Market
Kazakhstan Kazakh Election Commission nixes Opposition Referendum Proposal
Caucasus Region Abkhaz Council of Elders endorses Official Election Result
Czech Republic Senate agrees to open Czech Energy Markets by 2007
Southeast Europe Hague War Crimes Prosecutor slams Serbian Prime Minister for Non-cooperation
Poland Polmos Lublin gears up for IPO, Takeovers and New Brands
Russia Central Bank Moves to Cut Ruble Buying
Media-MOST Executive Indictment Read Anton Titov accused of embezzlement, money laundering
Hungary OTP makes binding bid for Jubanka
Ukraine Kuchma Says Crisis Talks Are Going Badly
Ukraine Yushchenko sees Moroz as Candidate for Ukrainian Prim Minister
Poland Vienna Court rules that Elektrim can keep its PTC Shares
Russia Stocks Drop $10Bln in a Day
Czech Republic Victorious Topolanek pledges to lead ODS to Victory in 2006
Croatia Rape, Spies, and the Croatian Army
Hungary Mobile Firms move to Next Generation
Romania French Interior Minister Visits Romania
Kazakhstan Embattled Kazakh Opposition Party Rejects 'Extremist' Charge
UN Human Development Report Latvia listed among world’s developed countries for first time
Belarus Belarus starts issuing multiple-entry tourist visas
Ukraine Court Clears Path to Yushchenko Victory
Poland 2004 foreign direct investment reaches three year high at $7 billion
Russia Putin Demotes Adviser Illarionov
Armenia Armenia bucks the trend and sends troops to Iraq, to the chagrin of Iraq's Armenian community
Russia Moscow's Crown Slips in European Realty Survey
Georgia Georgian President wants investigation into U.S. Diplomat's murder reopened
Belarus Minsk expels Czech Diplomat over alleged deprivation of minors
Ukraine Yushchenko and Putin Clear the Air
Russia Putin Tries to Soothe an Irate Military
Hungary’s Matáv Rt Matáv increases stake in EPT to 87%
Central Asia China's Growing Regional, European Links Seen As Benefiting Central Asia
Georgia Georgian Prime Minister Dies
Ukraine Ukraine Goes After Missile Dealers
Russia Rosneft Facing $1.4Bln Liability
Georgia Georgians Bid Zhvania Farewell
Poland Visa requirements for Poles visiting the U.S. could soon be relaxed
Serbia & Montenegro Montenegrin Foreign Minister makes case for independence
Hungary Erste ranks No. 1 in sector in terms of profit growth
Poland Record profits mean good news for PKO BP shareholders
Georgia A Georgian Crisis of Confidence
“Oil Mafia” in Poland Rzeczpospolita reports on corrupt practices, tax evasion, credit frauds
Ukraine Nemtsov to Advise Ukraine's President
Russia Report: Rosneft Loans Shelved
Romania On the Road to the Superhighway
Poland Fat Cats and Fatter Kittens
Russia Lawyers Spar in Yukos Bankruptcy Hearings
Czech Republic A Prime Minister in Trouble?
Ukraine Investors See Storm Brewing Over Kiev
Russia Public Chamber Left Toothless
Ukraine Key Gongadze Witness Injured in Blast
Hungary MOL to take out Euro 500 mln loan
Chkalovsk Naval Base Lost Polish plane sent home
Belarus Kazulin's Will - A former ally emerges as a potential challenger for Lukashenska in 2006
Russia Lebedev Blasts the Prosecution
Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyz Elections Go Into Runoffs
Poland Back to the courts for PTC as ET alleges "theft and fraud"
Russia Volgotanker Execs in Criminal Probe
Ukraine Profile: Yuriy Kravchenko
Romania President wants to strengthen Romania's position in Black Sea Basin
Hungary IVG plans to invest another Euro 66m in Infopark
Poland Vivendi's security guards at PTC back down
Ukraine Kuchma's Top Cop Found Dead
Open Society Soros Foundation dispute over Moscow office continues
Russia Gazprom, Rosneft Stick by Their Guns
Belarus European Parliament says Belarus is a 'Dictatorship'
Russia Maskhadov's Body in Moscow
Poland Going with the Wind
Ukraine President pledges non-visa travel for EU citizens 'in a few days'
Hungary Mol caught in Yukos fallout?
Russia New Billionaires on Forbes List Replace Yukos' Lost Fortunes
Chechnya Basayev: No Maskhadov Betrayal
Hungary Liberal party re-elects leader
Russia U.S. Judge Refuses Yukos Protection
Kazakh Oil Fund Top Kazakh banker defends secret oil fund
Hungarian Politics 5 members of FIDESZ-led government had links to communist-era secret service
Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyz Protests Turn Violent
Poland Ryanair wants to be the biggest low-cost carrier in Poland
Russia Suspect Is Detained in Chubais Attack
Belarus Belarusian Politicians comment on Kyrgyz developments
China China's concern over Kyrgyzstan and Xinjiang
Russia Fire Roars Through Izmailovo Market
Poland Who will grab the chance to pick up a 25% stake in LOT?
Russia Rosneft Fills Yukos Gap, Signs Volgotanker Deal
Kyrgyzstan New Leaders Cautious on Reform
Kazakhstan World Bank to give Kazakhstan $35 Million for agriculture
CFE Treaty Estonia serious on joining Treaty on Conventional Forces in Europe
Chechnya Prosecutor: Aide Killed Maskhadov
Georgia FBI confirms Georgian Premier died of carbon monoxide poisoning
Kyrgyzstan Akayev Says He'll Resign on Monday
Russia Khodorkovsky Could Get Pardon
Poland Pope Jan Pawel II (1920 - 2005)
Russia Pichugin Faces New Murder Charges
Serbia & Montenegro Belgrade Gets Green Light from Brussels for Talks
Hungary BÉT to move to Bratislava?
Poland Poland's answer to delays to the EU Services Directive
Ukraine Ukrainian Prime Minister Tymoshenko's Trip to Russia Postponed at Last Minute
CNB Inflation Report Expectations of Czech economic slowdown
Russia Report: UES to Sell Mosenergo Early
Forbes List Russian 'Forbes' Issues List of 100 Richest Russians
Belarus Grateful Lukashenko Drops By
Kazakhstan President Nazarbaev addresses media forum
Ukraine / Romania Ukrainian, Romanian Presidents set to end border spat
Poland PolCard hopes its plastic will win in neighbouring markets
Russia Putin Allays TNK-BP Worries
Russia - Japan Tokyo Casts Pipeline Financing in Doubt
Hungary Cisco suspends Synergon partnership
Poland Mittal Steel appears unable to forge deal with HCz
Russian Oil Kremlin kills plans to retake resources
Ukraine 100 Days On, Trouble Hits Orange Kingdom
Serbia & Montenegro Serbia: Profile Of A Media 'Oligarch'
Russia Reports: Russians Set Sights on Rover
Russia Khodorkovsky a Cloud Putin Can't Scare Away
Uzbekistan Uzbek President Blames Islamist Group For Unrest
Russia Alrosa Faces Criminal Probe
Ukraine Ukraine: Interview -- Yuliya Tymoshenko Marks First 100 Days as PM
Poland Will OMX become WSE's strategic partner?
Russia Khodorkovsky's High Stakes Gamble
Russia Hundreds Dead in Uzbek Uprising
Chechnya Death toll is high and rising in Chechnya
Russia Khodorkovsky Lawyers Expect Verdict in June
Serbia & Montenegro Rare Show of Unity Among Serbian Parties Ober Bribery Scandal
Ukraine Tymoshenko Says She Won't Quit
Poland Blowing up a new dotcom bubble
Uzbekistan Uzbekistan: President Karimov's Limited Options
Russia Electoral Overhaul Nearly Finished
Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan's Future Democratic Opportunity
Russia Power Outage: City Prosecutors Call In Chubais Ally
Uzbekistan Uzbekistan: Locals Report Mass Grave Near Andijon
Georgia Russia Will Close Bases in Georgia in 2008
Hungarian EU Membership PM Peter Medgyessy reaffirms his commitment to joining EU
Poland UniCredito and HVB confirm they are in merger talks
Georgia Mikhail Khodorkovsky: Judges Hammer Defense's Case
Kyrgyzstan Legal Battle Heats Up Over Akayev's Finances
Hungary Richter fears Russian decree
Russia Putin Dresses Down Chubais
Uzbekistan Bush Allies Seek Harsher U.S. Treatment Of Karimov
Poland KGHM refusing to bend to Socha
Russia The Money Trail Leading to Yugansk
Hungary Lufthansa unhappy with Ferihegy
Uzbekistan U.S. Sharpens Call For Independent Probe Of Andijon Bloodshed, While Russia Objects
Croatia and NATO Reforms necessary for Croatia to be considered a candidate for NATO
Poland BBC to open radio station in Warsaw, possibly before year end
Switzerland Swiss Court: Release Adamov From Prison
Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyz Parliamentarian Assassinated In Bishkek
Russia State May Buy Stake in Power Machines
South and Central Asia Afghan, Tajik Leaders See New Bridge As Crucial Link
Russia Journalist Sentenced to 5 Years in Prison
Ukraine Government Seeks To Recover Investors' Trust
Krygyzstan Protesters Take Over Kyrgyz Government HQ
Poland Vivendi to move into digital TV after regaining PTC
Russia IFC Lends Support to Microloans in Russia
Putin Meets Kuchma Agreement to lift restrictions on trade in certain products
Uzbekistan Voices From Andijon
Belarus Kremlin Advisers Scold Belarus For Human Rights Record
Russia Russian News Channel Inches Forward
Hungary MOL pre-qualified in Tupras privatization
Poland Billions for Poland on hold
Russia Alfa Wins Options in Turkish Gambit
Uzbekistan Opposition Figure Appeals For Democratization Aid
China Hu Leaves Russia Empty-Handed
Balkans The Dimming 'European Perspectives'
Hungary Bidders for Budapest Airport announced
Polish Chemicals Trading Ciech aims for Polfas despite Gov’t plans for WSE float
Poland Wal-Mart, the world's largest retailer has its eyes on Poland and CEE
Russia Severstal and RTL Take Over Ren-TV
Central Asia SCO -- Shoring Up The Post-Soviet Status Quo
Bosnia & Herzegovina 50,000 Mark Anniversary Of Srebrenica Massacre
Hungary Wizz Air to boost fleet
Ukraine Ukraine Backpedals in Gas Dispute
Poland Cash-hungry state concerns to press for Polkomtel IPO
Russia Putin: Gazprom Talking to Sibneft
Belarus Belarus Poles Get Their Newspaper From Poland
Uzbekistan Is Russia Helping Tashkent Clean Up After Andijon?
Russian Banking Rosbank and MFK bank to stop dealing with bankruptcy
Russia Gazprom Rethinks Value of Sakhalin-2
Ukraine President Urges Government, Parliament To Make Peace
Poland Softbank has emerged victorious in its battle with the tax office over returns for the years 1998 to 2002.
Russia Caribbean Court Targets Sibneft
Russia Kudrin Lifts Forecast for Economy, Prices
Armenia IMF Lauds Armenian Economic Growth
Belarus Belarus bans European Foundation on espionage charges
Hungary LOT may participate in Malév privatization
Poland Vodafone and TDC put call in for Polkomtel shares
Ukraine Ukraine Approves VimpelCom Bid
Russia Gazprom, Interros to Carve Up Power
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